10 Coolest Courses at Millikin University

Millikin University

The start of the semester is just around the corner. Many college students are both thrilled and tired of their classes that they may have taken previously. However, with there being a load of courses that are hard, there comes a load of courses that are cool as well. Below are some of the coolest courses that you will find at Milikin University!

1. HM 317 – Practice with Diverse Populations

A look at different types of medicine, with pills arranged in a DNA helix

This class will allow students to discover the privilege, oppression, and diverse cultures within the medical field. This includes how many cultures take up the medical field when it comes to the approach of the practice. This also includes learning about the practices among the people with medicine.

2. SO215 – The Sociology of Video Gaming

Two people that are video gaming

In this course, students will study the sociology behind video gaming. Video games are among the biggest forms of entertainment in the world. Students will also learn more about the art of video gaming and how people think when they are entertaining themselves through a virtual world.

3. CO251 – Introduction to Public Relations

Different forms that are used for public relations

Are you interested in learning more about public relations or the art of media? In this course, students will learn more about how media affects the outer world and how the media plays a role in sharing the news. This class will discuss how you, too, can market yourself and how to go about being on social media platforms.

4. PY101 – Stars and Galaxies

A depiction of the stars in space

What is up with space? This class will learn more about the stars and galaxies. This course will also discuss the origins and history of space as it relates to the world around us. This class is a super nova! It’s fun due to the nature and depth of what you will explore while you are there.

5. DA100 – Dance Lab

Three ballet dancers that are prancing

Have you ever wanted to get up and dance? This class will focus on the traditions and origins of dance movements. Students will learn about the different combinations for different styles of dance and to focus in on their body to portray a story when it comes to dance.

6. EN 201 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Imaginative images that are coming out of a notebook

Are you a creative? In this course, students will discover the different components of writing. Students will also learn more about the art of creating on different writing materials in order to enhance the story. This class is created to take students through a narrative and a journey of their own in order to improve their own writing skills.

7. EN210 – Business and Professional Writing

A person writing up a business plan

When conducting business, it is important to remain professional when you are writing. Students will learn more about the art of writing and the art of business propositions in writing. Students will also learn more about how to hone in on their business and professional skills so that their writing can be improved as well.

8. DA 101 – Jazz Dance

A look at different dancers dancing

Who is your favorite jazz singer or dancer? This class will focus on the jazz style of dance. Students will study different movements, floor placements, walks, and poses as they relate to jazz. Students will also learn more about the origin of jazz dance as well.

9. CJ100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice Professions

A depiction of the criminal justice system with a gavel and cuffs

Are you interested in learning more about criminal justice? In this course, students will discuss the problems within the criminal justice system and the roots that stem behind the makings of the laws. Students will also learn more about how different law practices work within the court systems.

10. AR103 – Drawing I

A person drawing an eyeball

In this class, students will discuss the materials that are used in drawing and how art is portrayed when it comes to drawing. Students will also learn more about the experiences of drawing, how to tell a story, and how to use different forms of paintings and pencils to enhance their picture.

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