10 Coolest Courses at Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College (LBCC) is a public community college in Long Beach, California.  The college has two main campuses: The Pacific Coast Campus and The Liberal Arts Campus. It offers business, health, trade and industry, communications, and liberal arts programs to its students. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ART 15 – Beginning Drawing

A pencil drawing of a man's profile

This is a studio course that teaches students freehand drawing. Students engage in freehand drawing throughout the course while paying attention to the important concepts and techniques taught. At the end of the course, students will have fully developed their drawing skills. The course is recommended for art majors.

2. DANCE 1 – Dance Forms Through the Ages

Three Women dancing an Indian traditional dance

This course explores the world of dance by focusing on the various dance forms that have been there through the ages. Students will read, review clips, and perform some of the major dance forms as part of the coursework. The course is recommended for any student that enjoy dancing.

3. CULAR 218 – World Cuisines: Asian

A poster Written Asian Cuisine

In this course, students will learn how to prepare, taste, and serve various cuisine dishes from the Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesian cultures. Students will have practical sessions where they interact with various ingredients from the mentioned regions and prepare various menus. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in culinary arts.

4. TART 2C – Acting 2: Movement, Mime and Mask

An image of a mime artist

If you love theatre arts, then this course is meant for you. It focuses on the application of the theories and principles of stage movement to mime, mask, theatrical sword fighting, characterization, juggling and period movement styles. Students will be subjected to practical sessions where they practice various acts.

5. SIGN 1A – American Sign Language, Beginning 1

Drawings of hand signs that spell out ASL

If you wish to learn American sign language, then this is the right course. The course offers basic instruction and practice in American Sign Language (ASL) and fingerspelling. Students will learn and practice the grammar, syntax, expressive, and receptive skills used in the language.

6. HIST 1A – History: Western (European) Civilization


History lovers will have a lot of fun in this course as they learn about major world civilizations since 1500. Through chosen literature, writings, and films, students will discuss the historical origins, religious and cultural transformations, and economic growth among other topics of the contemporary European world.

7. FD 38A – Fashion Design I

A fashion designer working on a design

This advanced course in fashion design provides students with the opportunity to design and construct full-scale sample designs. The course is highly practical and students will spend most sessions in the lab. Students will also once in a while be allowed to showcase their designs. The course is recommended for fashion design majors.

8. FLO 288 – Advanced Floral Design

An image of flowers in a basket

This very practical course allows students to learn the techniques required for designing and execution of creative floral arrangements. This course is recommended for students in the Floral Design Certificate Program. Students will spend time in the lab practising with different types of flowers and different designs.

9. CHIN 1 – Elementary Chinese 1

An image of Chinese characters

The Chinese language is gaining popularity in contemporary society. This course introduces students to the standard Chinese language where they will study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture. At the end of the course, students will have basic competency in speaking, writing listening, and reading in the Chinese language. The course is recommended for anyone willing to learn Chinese.

10. MUSIC 33B – Intercultural Music

A computer-generated image of music notes

This music course surveys various types of music from various cultures. Through the study of rhythmic patterns and listening to various genres of music, students will learn to recognize numerous styles of music as well as the historical, geographic, and political dimensions of the genres.

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