10 Coolest Classes at Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College (also known as SUNY Farmingdale) is a public technology college located in Nassau County of New York State. Typically, students take classes with the intent of satisfying major requirements. However, some of the more memorable classes you take in college are also the ones you are taking out of interest or for fun. Balance is necessary between pursuing your major and enjoying your college experience! If you’re looking to try something new and fun, here are the 10 coolest college classes at Farmingdale State College.

1. EGL 216 – Creative Writing

open book with empty pages. There is a digital edit overlapping the pages of the book, almost as if the animations are standing up. From left to right, the animations are doodles of a tree, a car, a family of three, a bar graph with a cloud, sun, heart, and plane above it, a house with two clouds above it, a network of computers, and two people with graduation caps on and thought bubbles with a lightbulb and piggy bank inside them.

After finishing your writing requirements in the beginning of your college career, you might not encounter many more writing oriented courses in your major-related courses. This class offers an introduction to a variety of written formats, in fiction and poetry particularly. Students can take this opportunity to express their creativity in writing and create a myriad of written pieces and a final major project in a genre or area of their choice.

2. EGL 255 – Children’s Literature

This is an animation/depiction of various children's stories. It is very colorful. Some of the characters depicted are a green worm with a red face (from the Hungry Caterpillar picture book), a frog and a toad sitting together atop a tree reading books (from the Frog and Toad Together series), and many other fictional characters.

Children’s literature often has more meaning to it than we think. In this class, students will be able to explore the historical and psychological development of the notion of “childhood” by studying various works of children’s literature. There is a wide range of genres in classic and contemporary children’s literature that will be explored in this class, from fairy tales to picture books. You might even revisit your own childhood; talk about a blast to the past!

3. FRE 101 – French I (Elementary)

a hand writing on a black chalkboard with white chalk. The words say "je suis" and "tu es".

Learning languages is not only a useful tool for your travels or for understanding other cultures, but it’s also very fun. In this class, you will develop your basic French listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This class focuses on communicative competence and cultural awareness.

4. HOR 275 – Italian Gardens: Art and Nature

the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. These marvelous gardens are located directly behind Pitti Palace. There is a pond in the middle of the picture, with a statue at the center. The palace is behind the pond, and the background consists of the rest of the buildings in Florence, accompanied by a bright blue sky and many fluffy, white clouds. The sight is paired with many trees and shrubs all around the garden.

One of the coolest things about this course is that you get to travel to Italy! This class is held in conjunction with Florence University of the Arts for a three-week summer semester in Italy. Students will be able to study, visit museums, and experience the rich history of Italian gardens, their landscapes having been conceived and constructed back in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

5. PED 115 – Introduction to Self Defense

Red and black gradient silhouettes of two men fighting each other. The man on the left is in the middle of a high kick, and the man on the right is defending himself from the kick with his forearm.

Self Defense is a necessary skill to protect oneself, including those around you. This class will teach you about the history of Self Defense, and several physical techniques and skills that can be used against attack. Not to mention, you also get to learn some Karate and Judo!

6. PED 121 – Introduction to Weight Training and Fitness

a woman carrying a dumbbell against her back, mid squat. The background consists of a class of men and women doing the same exercise in a gym studio.

One of the many challenges of a college student is getting the motivation to hit the gym. Stress no further! In this class, you will develop weight training skills and techniques with assistance. By taking this class, you can get in that weekly workout and go to class at the same time.

7. PHY 120 – Physical Sciences: Extraterrestrial Phenomena

one big-eyed, green alien at the front, with two aliens of similar features in the back. They look rather realistic, with a small triangular nose and a slight frown.

Do aliens really exist? In this class, students will examine and discuss extraterrestrial life through arguments drawn from astronomy to electromagnetic theory, and even archaeological views. Explore the possibility of existence for our green-skinned Martian friends in this class!

8. VIS 260 – Graphic Design for Non-Majors

a pile of papers and posters, atop a scattered flat pile of more posters and papers. Each paper has a different design on it, with the image at the top of the pile saying "GRAPHIC DESIGN" in all caps against a solid yellow background.

Graphic Design can be especially useful in your college experience. In this class, students will learn the principles and processes of graphic design. Whether you are designing a marketing advertisement or a club poster, the skills learned from this class can be applied to other aspects of your college career. Better yet, you don’t need to be a Visual Communications major to take this class.

9. VIS 105 – Introduction to Photography

a woman taking a picture of something with her camera. The background is difficult to see, as the lines between objects is faint.

Interested in picking up a new hobby? This class introduces the history, art, and technique of photography. Learn the necessary skills to produce well-composed and properly exposed creative photographs.

10. VIS 104 – Introduction to Calligraphy

A white piece of paper on a brown desk with the alphabet written on it using calligraphy. All lower case letters, in black ink.

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy? Well, here’s the perfect chance! In this class, students will gain insight into the history and development of hand-lettered communication. This knowledge will be applied to their own calligraphy projects.

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