10 Coolest Courses at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University, located in Richmond, Kentucky, is a regional university that offers many courses of study in diverse fields to its students. For many students going to college, it can become easy to get caught up in the drudgery of required major courses and general education requirements. Thankfully, EKU offers these 10 incredibly cool courses for students who want to shake it up a bit and try something new!

1. ARH 467 – U.S. Architectural History I

Classical architecture influences are apparent in many D.C. buildings.

From the picturesque Victorian-style homes of the eastern seaboard to the classical Greek and Roman hallmarks of the government buildings in Washington D.C., the United States has a unique and diverse architectural history to be explored. In this class, students will study the specialties of American architecture from early colonization to the late 1900s, focusing on regional differences.

2. ART 100 – Drawing I

drawing of human eye

Most of us probably don’t consider ourselves to be outstanding artists, and it’s totally okay if your idea of a self-portrait involves an elaborate stick figure drawing. But for anyone who wants to boost their skills, Drawing 1 introduces students to basic principles and techniques of drawing.

3. ART 280 – Photography I

Picture of camera looking towards landscape

Want to take your Instagram posts to the next level? Or perhaps you want to start a small side-hustle taking prom pics? Either way, Photography 1 is the perfect course to jump start a new hobby (or even a new career!). Students will learn how basic cameras operate and how to alter the settings of a camera to take the best pictures. They will also learn the basic artistic elements of capturing photos.

4. PSY 308 – Abnormal Psychology

Picture of question mark in person's profile

Many people who has suffered with mental illness have historically been treated unfairly, often times viewed as criminals. Thankfully, the days of horrific sanitariums and asylums are mostly history, and new understandings of psychology and neurology help people understand the reasons for much of this “abnormal” behavior. Abnormal Psychology teaches students the biology, causes, and treatment of many mental disorders.

5. BIO 303 – Human Heredity and Society

Picture of a family tree cartoon

Why do certain families and bloodlines seem “cursed” with rare diseases? Where do strange “superpower” like genetic mutations pop up from? How does society become shaped through heredity and pedigree? These questions and more will be explored in BIO 303, where students will learn how the inheritance of human traits influence population trends and societies throughout time.

6. ANT 311 – Anthropology of Religion

PIcture of witchcraft stuff

From the larger religions of Islam or Christianity, to tribal folklore and witchcraft, religion is an integral component of many societies, both throughout history and currently. Students will explore how religion intersects with economic, political, and gender structures in global societies, and come away with a worldly knowledge of religious and spiritual beliefs.

7. ANT 391 – Marriage & Family Cross-Culturally

Collage of different royal people's wedding day

While Hallmark might make it easy to believe that romance, love, and, eventually, marriage, were all just natural parts of society and life, this is far from the case in many societies. ANT 391 explores how ideas of marriage and family differ between different cultures and societies, throughout history and currently, and how that change is reflected in their societies.

8. ADM 310 – Historical Costume and the Social Order

Picture of historical costumes

How you dress has always been a status symbol – whether it’s the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the stuffy royals of pre-revolutionary France, or Regina George and her plastics’ so in designer clothes. ADM 310 explores how fashion and clothing, from ancient Egypt to the 20th century, are influenced by the social and political order.

9. BIO 310 – Biology of Aging

picture of the evolution of aging from baby to senior

It’s happening to you right at this moment – your cells are dividing, your telomeres are shrinking, and… is that a wrinkle? Before you scream and run to your nearest Botox clinic, BIO 310 is here to remind us all that aging is a perfectly natural process that happens to everyone. Students will explore how different parts of their bodies are affected by the aging process, and even learn how their current actions may affect them decades down the line.

10. ART 270 – Ceramics I

picture of person spinning a vase with clay

If digital or paper arts just don’t do it for you, consider working with your hands and making some beautiful pottery – art that can be both functional and aesthetic. ART 270 allows students to gain an introduction to the ancient craft of ceramics. It’s a skill that may take time to perfect, but could lead to a great hobby.

Author: Santosha Veera

Santosha Veera is currently a freshman Biology major at Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on pre-medical studies.

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