10 Coolest Courses at CUNY Hunter College

CUNY Hunter College

Hunter College is one of the constituent colleges of the City University of New York, an American public university. The school has around 15,000 students and has an acceptance rate of 38%. Here are 1o of the coolest courses to take at CUNY Hunter College.

1. POLSC 23800 – The American Legal System

Cartoon picture of two people getting divorced and someone in chains to jail

This course is an interesting course to take as it goes into the different types of legal procedures done in America. It has a heavy emphasis on New York State Law (the state has plenty of their own changes in law) and law on the federal level. The law class goes over not only civil laws but also criminal.

2. POLSC 31000 – Comparative Legal Systems

two people going over a legal document

Comparative legal systems is a course that is within political science that is interesting as it dives into how different countries and cultures deal with legal matters. This can mean on the low level of handling the law on a state basis or taking their issues all the way to high court on a country basis. It gives great insight on how other countries handle similar situations.

3. HUM 20100 – Exploration in the Arts

a painting with love and money on it

This course is a continuation of the humanities courses within the major. It is an interesting course as it goes over humans and how art has drastically changed society as we know it. It gives a range of timelines and specific events that have made notable contributions to what art now is seen as.

4. HUM 11000 – Map of Knowledge

cartoon of a man on a stack of books

This is an introductory course to humanities. It gives students a look at the different roads one can take to the knowledges of the overall major. It goes over the methods as well as a round bases of the subject. It’s a great class if you want to know more about society and humans in general.

5. WGS 15000 – Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

the colors of the lgbtq flag

As the world evolves so do people, how we interact and how people are identified (or chosen not to). This course is a fun class to take as it grows your knowledge of people as a whole as well as further knowledge and research on the opinions and rights that LQBTQ are constantly going towards. It helps to allow you the knowledge to properly identify others by how they would like to be identified.

6. ARTH 24900 – Twentieth Century Art I

famous american gothic painting of couple with pitchfork

Art is throughout the lives of everyone as they are exposed to it all the time in their daily life. In order to see how art is ever evolving, you can take this interesting art course that goes over the early art techniques within the twentieth century. You can see how the techniques have evolved to their modern takes .

7. CSCI 12000 – Introduction to Computers

image of a rose gold laptop

Introduction to computers allows students who have an interest in programming get their feet wet. Whether you know you are majoring or just looking to improve your knowledge of the technology this class can help all people. As tech continues to grow, most people in society with jobs are in need of at least a basic understanding of computers.

8.CSCI 13300 – Programming for Everyone

a long string of code on a computr screen

This programming course is a useful course for all people as society as a whole goes more technology based. This course is interesting as you get a basis for how programming works. The course goes from not only the consumer perspective but on the back end as well.

9. MEDP 27500 – Desktop Publishing

different adobe programs on a desktop

Desktop Publishing is a course that teaches students the secrets to being a successful writer with the power of the computer. You can learn to make all your edits within just your computer and it can make the process of wanting work published quicker and easier. This is a great course if you have an interest in self published work.

10. MEDP 24000 – Effective Speechmaking

a microphone in front of people

Effective speechmaking is a course that is interesting in the fact that you get very different styles of speeches, made by not only what you are taught, but how different people go about their speech. Everyone makes speeches from a different personal way. This class teaches you what works for you to make what your saying resonate with others the most.

CUNY Hunter College is a school in New York that allows students to take cool and interesting courses is the city that never sleeps. New York is constantly changing and booming with new ventures. This is why taking courses that are not only varied but interesting will help you to jump start your career, and give you opportunities in the comfort of not having to leave.

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