10 Coolest Courses at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga

10 Coolest Courses at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

Nobody likes a boring class; time goes by so slowly and you’re not even interested in what you’re learning. It’s much easier to learn and succeed in a class when you’re excited about the material. Luckily, if you’re a student at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, then you have a lot of exciting classes to choose from! Check out this list of the top 10 coolest courses offered at UTC.

1. ANTH 2200 – Human Origins

Image of the evolution from ape to man.

Ever wondered where people came from? Why do we look the way we do? Then check out this anthropology course! This class teaches the origins of the human species, culture, and cognition based on primate models, fossil record, genetic evidence, and prehistoric material culture and sites, as interpreted by anthropologists using the scientific method and evolutionary theory. This super interesting course will answer all your questions.

2. ART 2330 – Sculpture I

Image of hands sculpting a clay face.

If you like art or need a creative outlet to de-stress from your other classes, then considering taking sculpture. This course is an introduction to the concepts, techniques, and processes of sculpture in a variety of traditional and nontraditional media. This is a super fun class where there is no right or wrong answer; you can sculpt whatever your heart desires!

3. COMM 2250 – Television and Pop Culture

Illustration of a child with both hands on a television screen that shows the Netflix logo on it.

Who doesn’t love some TV and modern references? Television is often assumed to be an escapist enterprise that does not demand critical attention. This assumption occurs without full consideration of the medium’s aesthetic language and its broader socio-cultural roles and impacts. This course, rooted in the critical/cultural tradition, interrogates that assumption by closely analyzing TV aesthetics and its cultural roles and impact. In this class, you’ll get to learn about a popular past-time and how it impacts your society. This class is not only relatable, but also enjoyable.

4. ESC 4400 – Tropical Marine Ecology

Underwater image of coral, fish, and other marine life.

If you like the ocean and the animals that live in it, then you’re going to love this class. This course is an examination of tropical marine habitats at the species, population and ecosystem levels with particular emphasis on sea grass beds, coral reefs, mangrove forests, tidal rivers and lakes, and the intertidal zone. But the best part of this class is the trip; the required field components is a one-week experience at a field station in the Caribbean. Who wouldn’t want to take a week-long school field trip to the Caribbean?!

5. HHP 0049 – Beginning SCUBA Diving

Underwater image of a person SCUBA diving with a school of fish.

Speaking of the ocean and the animals living in it, ever wanted get up close and personal with them? If you’ve been wanting to learn how to scuba dive, then now’s your chance. This course will teach students how to dive safely and plan a scuba dive. Diving equipment, techniques, medical aspects, and diving physics will be covered. This class is perfect for those seeking adventure.

6. HIST 3420 – Gender, Sex, and Society

Illustration of different consumer products tailored to men and women.

It’s interesting how societal and cultural norms change every decade. This course is an examination of shifting perceptions of gender and sexuality over the course of United States history. Topics include ideas about interracial romance, sex censorship, the eugenics movement, the development of LGBT identities, shifting marital and familial norms and the development of feminist thought. You’ll be fascinated at what normal things today were considered taboo years ago.

7. MUS 1350 – Guitar Class

Image of two people holding guitars and sitting across from each other.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, the guitar is the perfect choice! Guitar playing is a very popular hobby, and the perfect addition to a barbecue or bonfire. This class is for people without guitar experience. This is an introduction to the technique and classical literature of the guitar. This guitar class is a fun, relaxing way to gain a new skill and college credits!

8. PHIL 2350 – Popular Culture, Religion, and Philosophy

Illustration of the continents and all the different cultures and style on each one.

Studying pop culture is fun because it’s relatable and everyone can connect to it in some way. This class is an introduction to the study of philosophy and religion through popular culture. The course topics may include film, television, novels, short stories, comics, games, music, comedy, or other aspects of popular culture. If you like to watch movies and TV, read comics, play games, or listen to music in your free time, you might as well get college credit for it!

9. PSY 3150 – Primate Behavior

Image of two monkeys looking at something.

If you have an interest in monkeys and their similarities to humans, then this may be just the class for you. This course is a comparative survey of the ecology, social behavior, and cognitive ability of nonhuman primates, especially monkeys and apes, with emphasis on the evolutionary factors that have shaped primate behavior. We know that apes and humans are very similar genetically, so this class is a super interesting comparison between primates and human behavior and intelligence.

10. THSP 1210 – Beginning Acting

Image of three people reading from a script and acting on a stage.

Everyone always dreams of being a famous actor; it looks like so much fun, and can potentially pay really well. And who wouldn’t want to be in movies and TV shows? This class teaches you the basic principles of acting. You’ll practice acting out different scenarios with different emotions and expressions. If you’re looking for a fun and relatively easy class, then look no further.

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