10 Hardest Classes at South Florida State College

South Florida State College

Are you struggling to pick classes for next semester? You’ve come to the right place! By reading this post, you’ll learn about some of the hardest classes offered at South Florida State College and know what classes to take to challenge yourself or what classes to avoid.

1. BSC 1420C – Introduction to Biotechnology

Some DNA strands in a cartoon

This class aims to teach students the skills, concepts, and techniques necessary to work in the biotechnology field. Some of these skills include following procedures, keeping detailed records, safety procedures, lab math, preparing solution, and separating biomolecules. The course heavily emphasizes DNA manipulation techniques and protein analysis.

2. CET 1600C – Networking Fundamentals

A global mobile network illustrated in a cartoon

In this class, students will be introduced to the architecture, structure, function, and models or the internet and computer networks. The main topics covered include IP addresses, Ethernet concepts, media, and operations. The course aims for you to be able to build LANs, perform configurations, and implement different IP address schemes.

3. CET 2691 – Laws and Legal Aspects of IT Security

IT security and protection

In this class, you’ll learn about some of the common legal issues in computers and their security. In addition, you’ll learn how they commonly apply to privacy, intellectual property, crime investigation, civil liability, and ethics. The main goal of this class is for students to see the economic impact that security breaches have on industries.

4. ACR 0600 – Heating Systems

A central heating system

We all have some kind of heating system but how many would know what to do if something broke? In this class, you’ll learn about different heating systems like gas, electric, and oil systems. In addition, you’ll learn how to fine and repair problems in these systems.

5. CHM 1020 – Introducing General Chemistry

A chemical bond shown in a chemical compound

This class may be an introduction to chemistry, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Fortunately, this class is designed for students who did not take chemistry in high school or aren’t science majors. Here, you’ll learn about modern chemical theories that scientists use to develop an understanding of chemistry and its applications.

6. EET 1015C – Electronics I

A computer's motherboard

In today’s world, you can’t go a day without using electricity and electronics. This class will allow you to get a better understanding of both. Students who take this class will learn about charge, currents, potential difference, resistance, Ohm’s Law, circuits, Kirchhoff’s Law, and more. You’ll also do experiments in lab to confirm what you’ve learned and get a deeper understanding of the topics.

7. MAC 2311 – Honors Calculus I With Analytic Geometry

Important calculus topics and ideas in sketches

Calculus is hard enough without it being an honors course and putting geometry into the equation. This course is recommended for students who thoroughly understand college algebra and trigonometry. Some of the topics covered include functions, graphs, continuity, derivatives, integrals, geometry, and more.

8.AER 0190 – Engine Repair

A car engine

We all use engines in our every day lives, but most of us don’t know how they work or how to fix them. This course will teach you how to repair and rebuild the engines used in cars. In order to this, you’ll learn how to perform diagnostic tests to evaluate and repair cars.

9. CIS 2359C – Ethical Hacking II

Someone in a black hoodie hacking a computer

Not many people know much about hacking, let alone ethical hacking. Using advanced techniques, you’ll learn how to hack into different information systems while still being ethical. In addition, you’ll learn how to test networks, exploit vulnerabilities, defend against attacks, and more.

10. PHY 2053C – Honors General Physics IL

Light refracting through a prism showing the rainbow of colors

Most college students struggle with physics so you can be sure that honors physics is going to be a challenge. This course is the first of a two part series for non-engineering and non-science majors, although if you fall into that category, you can still take the class. Some of the topics covered in this class include mechanics, kinematics, motion, energy, momentum, and more.

Finding what classes are best for you isn’t easy and not even knowing what classes are available definitely makes it harder. Reading this is just the beginning to learning about all of the different classes offered at South Florida. Keep this post in mind when you pick your classes for next semester!

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