10 Hardest Courses at Marywood University

10 Hardest Courses at Marywood University

Marywood University is a Catholic liberal arts university that is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and now has over 3,000 total students. Some notable alumni from Marywood are Jean Kerr, Michele Knotz, and Marty Flynn.

1. PSYC 270 – Psychological Applications of Statistics

This title slide shows the role of stats in scientific research like psychology

This three credit course goes over the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in solving actual behavioral research problems. The course emphasizes the conceptual understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics such as correlation.

2. COUN 301 – Helping Skills in Counseling and Development

This is an example of a textbook used in this course

This three credit course reviews the theories and research regarding effective helping skills. The course also focuses on expanding self-awareness of how personal and diversity factors influence the helping process.

3. ARCH 214 – Digital Media II

This shows some of the aspects of digital media and marketing

This three credit course teaches advanced digital media including 3-D modeling and rendering programs. The course also introduces 3-D prefabrication.

4. IARC 312 – History of Furniture

This graphic shows the timeline of the design of furniture throughout the years

This three credit course examines the role of furniture as an integral part of the history of interior architecture. It also goes over how furniture is an expression of function, production techniques, and design ideas.

5. IARC 415 – Lightning Fundamentals

This shows a textbook commonly used in this course

This three credit course covers the role of lighting in the creation of interior spaces. It also reviews the concepts of natural and artificial lighting design.

6. BUS 132 – Accounting II

This title slide shows the beginning of a presentation for the course

This three credit course continues the accounting principles to partnerships and corporations, including stockholders’ equity. The course also covers long-term debt, investments, cash flow, and more.

7. BUS 215 – Survey of Visual Display and Design

This graphic shows different survey techniques to display the results

This three credit course introduces to students the ways that visual display and design is used in a variety of settings. The course combines theory with fieldwork in places that include office spaces.

8. BUS 303 – Database Management Systems

This graphic shows the flow of database management systems

This three credit course provides an understanding how current and emerging database technologies support business objectives. There is an emphasis on providing students with a conceptual and practical foundation upon which to analyze information requirements to design and implement effective database using the relational database model.

9. EDUC 461- Methods, Materials, and Assessment for Teaching ESL

This graphic shows some tips for people teaching ESL

This three credit course is designed to expand the knowledge of current issues related to teaching English Language Learners. It also teaches effective assessment practices, methods, and appropriate ESL materials.

10. CJ 219 – Drugs in American Society

This shows the cover of a commonly used textbook for this course

This three credit course considers the causes and consequences of recreational use and misuse of psychoactive substances. It also analyzes the legal/correctional and treatment approaches to America’s drug problem.

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