10 Hardest Courses at PVAMU

Prairie View A&M University

Everyone always says that college is the best years of your life. But when your classes make you want to break down and cry in the shower everyday, it can seem like all those people are lying to you. If you attend Prairie View A&M University, the following classes will challenge you the most. Luckily, there are resources online (like this one) to help you either avoid these classes completely or offer you notes to help you succeed in these classes. Here are the top 10 hardest classes offered at Prairie View A&M University.

1. ACCT 4213 – Advanced Accounting

Image of a pen and calculator on top of a piece of paper with many numbers in rows and columns.

If you like numbers and simple math, then you might actually like this class. But if you dislike memorizing vocab terms and formulas, then good luck. This class focuses on the study of accounting standards and procedures relative to business combinations, consolidated financial statements, foreign currency transactions, translation of foreign entity statements, segment and interim reporting, SEC reporting, and partnership operations. There is a LOT of memorization required to do well in an accounting class. You have to know what all the different terms and formulas mean and do in order to succeed.

2. BIOL 3073 – Molecular Biology I

Close up image of a DNA strand.

Do you like science and learning about living things? Biology is all about studying life and living organisms. This course emphasizes the dynamics of carbohydrate, fat, protein and nucleic acid metabolism; recombinant DNA evolution, gene structure and function in specialized eukaryotic systems. All these things listed are found inside living things. They make you who you are! This class is said to be difficult because there’s a lot of memorization required, and it can be hard to understand something you can’t even see.

3. CHEM 2033 – General Organic Chemistry I

Image of molecules and compounds.

Chemistry, like Biology, can be difficult for many people because it can be hard to understand something you can’t actually see. Chemistry is the study of elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions; the study of matter. This class focuses on electronic structure and bonding, organic compounds, reactions of alkenes, stereochemistry, reactions of alkynes, electron delocalization and resonance, reaction of dienes, and substitution and elimination reactions. If science is your weakness, then consider this class a real challenge.

4. COMP 1213 – Computer Science I

Image of a laptop with computer code on the screen.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this class just because you know how to use a laptop/computer. This course is the introduction to and practice of modern problem solving and programming methods. Special emphasis is placed on top-down modular design and implementation of robust and easily maintainable programs in a high-level, object-oriented language such as C++ to include external files, control structures, loops, scope, functions, output formatting, inline functions and function templates, enumerated data types, arrays, structures, and exception handling. You will most likely have to do code in this class, which means you’ll have to learn a whole new language if you don’t know how to code already.

5. FINA 3103 – Principles of Finance

Image of a pen and calculator on top of a chart. The calculator says "finance" on it.

Just because you like money (most people do), doesn’t mean this class will be a walk in the park for you. This class offers the fundamental tools and techniques applicable to financial planning of businesses. It covers valuation of securities, risk-return relationship, capital budgeting, management of current assets and liabilities with extension to international areas. You have to be able to read and understand charts, as well as memorize terms and do math.

6. HLTH 2023 – Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases

Image of a person holding a stethoscope.

Health courses are extremely rigorous, so prepare yourself for some late nights of studying and doing homework. This class covers the nature, prevention, control, and treatment of communicable, chronic, degenerative, and idiopathic human disease, with principles related to causality of disease and to the body’s ability to resist. There is a lot of science and memorization in this class. You will have to know and understand many different medical terms and definitions, as well as solutions to different scenarios.

7. MATH 4083 – Advanced Calculus I

Image of calculus formulas written on chalk board.

If math and numbers aren’t your strong suit, then this class is going to be difficult for you. This course focuses on number sequences, limits, sequential functions, properties of continuous functions, and mean value theorem and Riemann Integral. This isn’t anything like your high school algebra; calculus requires a much deeper understanding of advanced mathematics. Even to those who are good at math, this class is a challenge.

8. MCEG 3063 – Fluid Mechanics

Clip art of a water drop on top of a gear.

Whether it’s chemical, electrical, or mechanical, all areas of engineering are considered difficult. Fluid Mechanics is an extremely difficult and advanced part of mechanical engineering. This class teaches the fundamental conservation laws in fluid statics and dynamic, derived and solved analytically and numerically. Other topics include: analysis of viscous and inviscid flow; laminar and turbulent flows in pipes and on external surfaces; open channel flow; hydraulic machinery; and introduction to compressible flow. Direct applications to problems encountered in practice and in engineering design will be covered. This course emphasizes problem solving and design application. If you’re taking a Fluid Mechanics class, then good luck, and consider using OneClass’ notes for help.

9. PHYS 2513 – University Physics I

Image of physics formulas written on a chalk board.

The main goal of physics is to understand how the universe behaves. This course is difficult for many because it has science, math and memorization. So if you’re bad at one or more of those, then this class will kick your butt. This course includes measurement, Newton’s laws of motion statics, dynamics, mechanical energy, momentum, circular motion, and selected topics from torque, modules, Newton universal law, and fluid mechanics.

10. PSYC 3603 – Health Psychology

Image of head-shaped puzzle with a puzzle piece missing from the top of the head and 3 pieces laying next to the head.

Learning psychology is basically your brain trying to understand other brains. It may sound easy, but there is a lot of memorization in this class. You have to remember every vocab term and what those terms mean and do in relation to psychology and behavior. This course examines the theoretical and research foundations of behavioral health and illness from a biopsychosocial perspective. Students will be introduced to different medical disorders and diseases and the implications for the psychological health and impact on psychological functioning of individuals with these disorders. If the way the brain works and behaves interests you, then this class might not be too bad.

Author: Brittany Junkins

Brittany Junkins is a Business Advertising student at the University of South Florida. She is in the Honors College and the Zimmerman Advertising Program.

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