10 Hardest Classes at the University of Akron

University of Akron

University is never easy. That being said, some classes are harder than others. We’ve compiled a list of the toughest classes at the University of Akron for you to observe. Here, you can make your way through the hardest college courses, and decide for yourself if you should study them.

1. 3250:150 – Human Cultures

picture of a skull

The University of Akron offers a challenging but fulfilling study of human diversity. Studying this will give you insight into different backgrounds and evolution.

2. 3400:200 – Empires of the Ancient World

picture of a girl studying at her desk with snacks and a pen on her chin

The University of Akron has compiled a history course that, though tough, is a really worthwhile course to study. Find out about ancient empires of the Afro-Eurasian world.

3. 7700:101 – American sign language III

picture of a group at work on a table with notebooks and laptops

Speech-language pathologists don’t have an easy job – they treat children and adults with speech problems. This will continue your development with American sign language skills.

4. 4900:340 – Avionics I

picture of a lined drawing of a satellite

A first of it’s kind for the University of Akron. The class has been designed to be the first step in training engineers to become future managers in the aerospace industry. It’s a tough market, so, a tough class.

5. 3600:120 – Introduction to Ethics

picture of students working together and jotting down notes and ideas on chart paper in the middle of the table

This class provides you with an introduction to moral conduct. You’ll have debates on “good”, “right”, “ought” and “freedom”.

6. 9871:604 – Special Projects in Polymer Science

picture of red blue white and yellow items

This class will not only give you broad knowledge on the design, processing, characteristics and synthesis of polymer – it will assign you a research project, so you face the problems and techniques yourself.

7. 4600:203 – Dynamics

picture of an engine

Due to the broadness of this class, it becomes particularly tough. You’ll learn about kinematics, particles, energy and impulse.

8. 3370:100 – Earth Science

interior of a purple gem

Studying the Earth’s materials, processes, structures and changes is an interesting topic. However, it’s a difficult class to study as there is a ton of information to absorb.

9. 6400:220 – Legal & Social Environment of Business

picture of a desk station with papers, coffee, pens, a calculator, usb and paper clips

This class explores the legal and social environment, in relation to modern businesses. Everything from the legal system to ethics is considered.

10. 3350:100 – Introduction to Geography

picture of a planet earth from space

Picture: Pixabay

If today’s climate, geography is super important. In this class, you analyse everything from landforms to the settlement features.

11. 30584 – Foundations of Nursing Practice I

picture of person taking someone's blood pressure at the doctor's office

If there’s one role in society that everybody can agree is hard – it’s nursing. The class, although necessary for everybody, is gruelling and testing. It’s all worth it in the end.

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