10 Hardest Classes at Amherst College

Amherst College

If you are going to attend college, there are a few classes that are just too hard for you to put into your schedule. You will have much less stress in your life if you avoid these classes. Here are 10 of the hardest classes offered at Amherst College!

1. ASLC 172 – Asian Languages and Civilizations

The first difficult class to look at is Asian Languages and Civilizations. This is a pretty hard course because there are a lot of different cultures that are located in Asia. It can be hard to keep all of them straight. 

a map of Asia

2. ASTR 228 – Introductory Astrophysics

Another class that could be a little too stressful is Introductory Astrophysics. Although it is an intro class, the topic is super involved and complicated. That being said, you should probably stay away from this class if you have the option. 

a depiction of space

3. CHEM 155 – Fundamental Chemistry Principles Lab

Fundamental Chemistry Principles Lab is one of the most difficult freshman labs that is available. You will work hands-on every single day. This will cause your life to be pretty busy in and out of the classroom. 

some test tubes and beakers used in chemistry labs

4. COSC 211 – Data Structures

Data Structures is a computer-type class that will have you thinking all day. This will add an element of difficulty in your schedule. You will learn a lot, but you will also have to spend a lot of time working. 

some binary coding

5. ENST 260- Global Environmental Politics

A very complicated subject matter is Global Environmental Politics. This is an ever-changing topic that has a lot of moving parts. It can be very difficult to grasp these concepts. 

a tree in a large field

6. GREE 441 – Advanced Readings in Greek Literature

Advanced readings in Greek Literature is just as hard as the name implies. This is because the culture and language of Greek can be very difficult to understand. That being said, you should stay away from this class if possible.

the Greek alphabet

7. MATH 211 – Multivariable Calculus

One of the most difficult branches of math is calculus. That being said, Multivariable Calculus is a pretty difficult option that you have. You should only pick this class if you constantly want to solve equations and problems. 

some equations of calculus

8. NEUR 361 – Consciousness and the Brain

Consciousness and the brain is another one of the complicated class that can add a lot of stress to your schedule. There is a lot of homework involved in this class. That is on top of the already hard curriculum that has been written.

the human brain

9. RELI 330 – Latinx Religion

Religion is another one of those topics that have vast histories and hard concepts. Latinx Religion is one of the harder religion classes to take. This is because Latin cultures have very long histories and a lot of information associated with them. 

symbols of religion

10. SWAG 345 – Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

The final hard class that is available to you is Gender and Sexuality in Latin America. A lot of this area is still developing socially, so there is a lot to be said about these topics in this region. 

a map of Latin America

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