10 Hardest Courses in Saint Leo University

10 Hardest Courses in Saint Leo University

There are various courses that every university offers that are very challenging for the students. This is because you are learning in-depth about the topics. Saint Leo University also offers some challenging courses. If you would like to avoid picking them in your undergraduate years, we have compiled a list for your reference! Here is a list of the ten hardest courses in Saint Leo University.

1. CRM 230 – Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene "do not cross" tape

Study of crime is very challenging for the students due to the complexity in investigating the crime scene. This also makes this course one of the hardest courses offered at Saint Leo University. You will be learning about critical concerns about the crime scene, methods to eliminate those concerns, search patterns of the crime scenes, and ways to find the evidence.

2. COM 203 – Computer Systems

a computer processing chip

Computer courses are always hard for the student. No matter what stream of computer you are studying, its complex composition, hardware and software require a lot of time to get used to and learn. This course covers the topics of introduction to networking, hardware, software, processor technology, storage, data representation, systems software, etc.

3. ACC 302 – Intermediate Accounting II

Income tax act book

The students may find this course hard because of the complicated principles of accounting. It also includes topics such as equity, accounting changes, revenue realization, leases, income taxes, financial statements, and many other complicated processes.

4. SOC 201 – Globalization

A web linking different locations around the globe

Globalization has great impact on every part of our society. It has effects ranging from cultural, social and economic perspectives resulted from the different connections between several parts of the world. This course gives you an understanding about the intricate processes of globalization, social justice, the consequences and causes of globalization.

5. HTY 339 – Readings in History

History section at a book store

History seems daunting for the students it deals with all the details that happened in the past, rather than the present. Topics covered include: politics and history of America, the events of 18th, 19th, and 20th century, the researches and findings of the past and how the historians used those finding to inform future improvements.

6. MKT 310 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing channels: social media, blogging, SEO and more

Marketing in this era is now becoming more and more complicated by every passing day. From simple printing marketing, to the digital marketing that’s prevalent now. Students may find it so challenging to understand the concepts of marketing strategies, integrated communications, advertising and branding and other demanding tasks related to the marketing of the business.

7. SPA 320 – Introduction to Spanish-Speaking  Cultures

Word cloud of frequently used spanish words

Foreign languages are always tricky for non-native students. Spanish is one of the hardest languages; that’s why students avoid picking this course. The topics include the introduction of the Spanish language, its culture and tradition, linguistics, socio-historical events, communication in the Spanish language and much more.

8. HRA 340 – Organizational Training and Development

different elements of human resources

Human Resources is also one of the hardest courses that the students find it difficult because of the modern technology and methods used for human resource training and management. Training and development are also becoming complicated in this field to better improve the efficiency and teamwork within an organization.

9. SOC 321 – Methods of Social Research I: Quantitative Methods

Words related to sociology

Students find this course challenging because of the methods and techniques of social research. It also includes research design, hypothesis testing, measurement, analysis of statistical data, construction of tables and graphs, univariate, bivariate and many other tough topics.

10. BIO 223 – Botany

plants growing on the soil

Botany means plant sciences. It is challenging for students to understand the processes of plants as it is very different from human sciences. This course covers the topics of the plant kingdom, the evolution of plants, their life processes, their relationships with other plants and with the environment, etc.

These are the ten of the most challenging courses that the Saint Leo University offers in its undergraduate programs. Most of the students don’t like to study these courses as these could be very complicated and there’s a lot to study. But once they started taking an interest, they will enjoy learning these subjects.

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