10 Hardest Courses at the University of South Alabama

Top 10 Hardest Courses at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama is one of the highly rated institutions in the country. Because of this reason, students come from all over the world seeking to join this university. However, not all qualify to secure admission. The lucky ones go on pursuing their dream programs. Some get it easy while others struggle with the hardest college classes ever. Below are some of the toughest courses in campus:

1. ECO 451 – Mathematical Economics

math equations

The study of mathematical economics is not a simple task. Students learn how to apply mathematics in economic situations such as demand, supply, production, consumption, etc. It requires well-witted students to pass the course.

2. FIN 350 – Financial Statement Analysis & Corporate Strategy

sample financial statement

This course is all about financial planning for corporates and companies. Besides, it’s about creating sound business strategies for companies. If you are not equal to the task, it’s better to stay away from it. Poor grades can ruin your dreams.

3. ISC 285 – Intermediate Programming

sample codes

This course is for elite students who understood the basics of programming at the introduction level. Students learn how to program using complex software such as Oracle, Java, and C++ among others. The amount of work to be covered is usually very much and thus challenging to many students.

4. CHE 331 – Thermodynamics I

This course is rigid and inflexible. It is characterized by laws, concepts, equations, mathematics, and practicals. It covers lots of mathematical work and that’s the main reason why students don’t like it. The idea of applying calculus in chemistry might not be an easy one.

Image of thermodynamics and heat flow

5. ST 335 – Regression

different regression relationships

Regression is a topic in statistics that explains the relations of certain phenomenon. It’s pure mathematical work which is often very daunting. To pass this course, you need to have extreme knowledge on how to work out the mathematics as well as the theoretical work.

6. EG 360 – Fluid Mechanics

fluid flow based on pascal's law

This course is primarily for engineering students. It covers the analysis of the nature and behavior of fluids. Like other engineering courses, there is alot of work to be covered. It is a mandatory course that calls for maximum efforts.

7. CE 367 (W) – Hydraulics Lab

hydraulics pipes and nozzles, tractor or other construction equipment. focus on the hydraulic pipes

You will probably spend the better part of the semester trying to understand hydraulics. This part is often challenging because many students never understand. The Lab attendants and technicians also feel overwhelmed by teaching this course.

8. CSC 418 – Advanced Game Development

different things related to games

Programming tends to get even harder when it comes to game development. Students face a hard task of creating working electronic games. Even the brightest students will tell you how difficult it is. To others, it’s a dream never come true.

9. PH 354 – Electronics

inside hardware

For physics students, life has never been easy. Challenging courses come one after the other. Electronics is a damning course that was made for geniuses alone. This is because it involves the use of both software and hardware simultaneously. Besides, it’s very broad thus a huge challenge.

10. BLY 301 – Cell Biology


Although the title sounds cool, the course is very tricky. It covers all aspect of animal and plant cells. There are very many cells that the students have to master. Additionally, the course has lots of scientific concepts that demand attention.

When it comes to higher education, everything gets hard. As a result, students who aren’t ready enough face the difficult times. Probably, not students are psychologically ready to handle the tough times. This leads to poor results or maybe dropping out of school.

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