10 Hardest Courses at Truman State University

Truman State University

Truman State University offers the hardest courses for the students to learn the skills in coping up with tough roads. Students will have to put in all their efforts to complete the courses and move on to the next semester.

1. BSAD 234 – Legal Environment of Business

External Environments of Business slide presentation showing icons

This course is an overview of the legal system in America. It includes the topics of government regulations for businesses, labor, employment, and contracts. Moreover, it focuses on personal property and international laws. This course will be hard to pass because of the detailed information on each topic for the final exam.

2. ACCT 220 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

word cloud of financial accounting related terms

This course is an introductory course in financial accounting. It is hard for students because it involves a lot of studying and practice. So, topics included in this course are about accounting principles, accounting equations, double entry transactions, ledger formation and more. Students will use the information to make business decisions using case studies.

3. STAT 220 – Fundamentals of Data Science

5 vs of big data illustrated in a chart

This course deals with the broad study of data science covering many topics in statistics. Topics included are about data handling, predictive modeling, visualization, machine learning and more. This course will be hard to pass because it requires student to use a computer along with learning the concepts by reading. Students will have to spend extra time learning and getting through this course.

4. ECON 200 – Principles of Macroeconomics

graph demontrating relationship between real gdp and price level

This course emphasizes terms, concepts, and tools for macroeconomic analysis. Students will also learn about the economy’s income, price, employment, output, and interest rates. They will also examine the monetary and fiscal policies using different approaches. This course will be hard to pass because of numerous lengthy topics which students have to apply during the final exam.

5. CHEM 320 – Foundations of Organic Chemistry

organic chemistry and related fields showed in different bubbles

This course is about nomenclature and physical properties related to organic chemistry. There will be discussions about proteins, sugars and nucleic acid. Students will also learn about alkenes and alkynes, acid-base reactions, chemical bonding, organic acids and esters, and many other related topics. So, there will be a lot of lab work and reading involved in this course.

6. LING 238 – Introduction to Linguistics

wordcloud for linguistics

This course is the study of functions and forms of human languages. Students will learn about the analysis of phonetics, description of semantic units, syntactic and morphology. They will also learn the role of dialects within society, which is a variation within languages. Topics included will be about classification, acquisition and development of language. Moreover, it requires students to study topics through research on their own to be aware of conceptual questions in the final exam.

7. ART 201 – Design, Software, and Process

picture of a chart for the basic waterfall model for software development

This course is about entry-level communication about visualizations. It introduces the concept of design software process. Students will learn about the design, production, and pre-press in this course. They will also use the technical aspects of visualization, which will make the course hard to pass if they do not pay attention to it.

8. CHEM 222 – Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

connectedness between qualitative and quantitative analysis shown in a graph that compares and contrasts both

This course deals with the theory of analysis in the labs. Students will learn about topics related to acid/base titration, trace analysis, gravimetric analysis, and pH titration. Moreover, they will have to practice the learned material to pass this subject. This course introduces students to techniques and principles through proper quantitative chemical analysis.

9. MATH 263 – Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

equation of circle in analytic geometry

Students will learn about the techniques, and applications of integrals, integration and polar coordinates. Along with that, they will also study about infinite series and vector functions. This course will be hard to pass if students do not attend every class and take notes regularly. Students will have to practice functions daily to pass this course with a good grade.

10. POL 250 – Introduction to International Relations

flags of different countries

This course deals with international relations using the current and historical examples for theoretical understanding. Students will also learn about the methodological tools within the social sciences area. Topics covered in this course are related to the war causes, analysis levels, investments, finances, international trade and more. So, this course will be difficult to pass as it deals with multiple aspects of international relations. Moreover, students will have to do a lot of research of their own to understand the topics completely.

The hardest courses in this university are not impossible to pass. If students want to study in groups, they will be able to discuss these courses and get through the final exams easily.

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