10 Hardest Courses at the University of North Florida

10 Hardest Courses at the University of North Florida

The University of North Florida is one of the best public university located in Jacksonville, Florida United States. The university is ranked very high in the country due to its excellent academic performance and advanced academic researches. They offer quite a number of amazing courses in both Undergraduate and Master’s level. Highlighted below are the top 10 hardest courses offered at the University of North Florida.

1. MAT 3930 – Mathematical Science

An image of Mathematical Science

This course covers advanced topics in statistics, data science and programming. The calculations involved in this course are very tough. If you’re not into math or not math-minded, this course can be a nightmare given the abstract and difficult concepts involved.

2. BCH 3023 – Bioorganic Chemistry

Various components of Bioorganic Chemistry

This course examines the carbon chemistry of biological substances, the structure and function of biological molecules. The concept of this course is very difficult to understand, which makes many students not to perform well.

3. ACG 4682 – Forensic Accounting

An image of Forensic Accounting

This course is an examination of the tools and techniques utilized in forensic accounting. Basic topics include generally accepted accounting principles, financial statements, income determination, and presentation. The course consists of a lot of computations and mathematical calculations that students find hard to get.

4. FIN 3124 – Financial Planning

A pictorial representation of Financial Planning

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the general principles of financial planning, professional conduct and examination. It also covers topics like reserves and earning assets, loans and discounts, accounting analysis, income and expense, services, personnel and public relations. This course is hard because there are so many calculations and notes to memorize.

5. ECO 3411 – Business and Economic Statistics

Business and Economic Statistics

This course is an introduction to the essential concepts, tools and methods of statistics for students in business, economics and similar disciplines, although it has a wider interest. It’s a very hard course.

6. EGS 3038 – Leadership for Engineers

A picture of Leadership for Engineers

This course uses a weekly seminar format with guest speakers and student presentations to understand the concept of leadership as an engineer. Students are usually given project topics on short notice, thereby making them score low mark during presentations.

7. GEO 2420 – Cultural Geography

An image of Cultural Geography

This course analyzes the characteristics of human behaviour in different cultures throughout the world. This course makes many students switch majors because it’s very boring and hard.

8. PHY3101 – Modern Physics

The image of Modern Physics

Students that register for this course are taught the knowledge and understanding of some of the laws, principles and theories of physics. , some topics in applied mathematics of interest to scientists and engineers are selected. Students with poor calculation background might not perform well in this course.

9. PHI 4220 – Philosophy of Language

The concept behind the Philosophy of Language

This course explores the lasting significance of the linguistic turn in philosophy, including its different philosophical perspectives in analytical situations. This course contains numerous course notes and materials. Student finds is difficult to complete the course content.

10. CHM 4410 – Physical Chemistry I

Physical Chemistry's calculation and experiment

This course provides a basic understanding of the core area of physical chemistry, based around the theme of systems, states and processes. Topics covered are chemical thermodynamics and equilibria, and kinetics. A good understanding of physical chemistry is important to students intending to complete a major study in chemistry, and it lies at the borderline with engineering.

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