10 of the Hardest Courses at SFASU

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Stephen F. Austin State University is a public university located in Nacogdoches, Texas, United States. The school has an acceptance rate of about 62%. Here are the hardest courses at Stephen F. Austin State University.

1. MCM 376 – Broadcast Performance

a broadcast control panel

Broadcast Performance is a course that allows students to be able to learn the ins and outs of professional broadcasting. What can be the hardest about broadcasting is being able to not only read off a telepromt in the smoothest way possible , but also to deliver and memorize lines in a way that communicates the message clearly and professionally.

2. MCM 205 – Media Writing

 Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup

Media writing is a course that is seen as hard because it deals with creating content that is based around an overall target. The target in different media is attacked in such a way that is written in styles that are able to be understood depending on the audience. The hardest part of all this is being able to cut down the fluff and only serve the core facts, but in such a way that is attention-grabbing and accurate.

3. PHI 323 – Ethical Theory

right and wrong sign arrows

Ethical theory is a course that allows students to learn about the different theories in the topic of philosophy that comes with the territory of ethics. Ethics. The hardest part about ethical theory can be differentiating the theories and having a complete understanding of what each theory entails. To name a few there are the golden rule and veil of ignorance.

4. PHI 311 – Modern Philosophy

a painting of philosophical leaders

Modern Philosophy is any philosophy that has happened since the age of the 19th century. It details the different people who have come to make strides in the subject as well as talks about the changes the world have come with philosophy. The course is seen as hard as it deals with historical facts and dates.

5. MTH 275 – Special Problems

a statistical graph with bars

This course is seen as difficult as it goes through the different facets of math beyond the typical core classes. If you are a math major or related field this goes over statistical problems as well as more in depth of the classes already taken.

6. MTH 233 – Calc I

an example of derivatives

Calculus is a course that to many is of the more advanced levels of mathematics. It challenges students by being heavy on application of functions to be used on derivatives. The equations often are applied into fields such as engineering and construction.

7. EGR 305 – Mechanics of Materials

different forms of materials such as ceramics

This is an engineering course that explores the world of materials. It looks at cost as well as what goes into the process of creating materials for large scale projects. This is a perfect course to take if you are looking to do engineering in automotive.

8. EGR 344 – Microcomputer Interfacing

a person using the interface of a computer

This course is one of the higher level engineering courses. It goes in depth when it comes to computers and how to manipulate and fix a series of systems within. It teaches control of data as well as how to use programs for engineering design.

9. PSC 337 – Democracy

the symbol donkey for democratic party

This is a political science course that allows students to learn about the part of democratics as well as what democracy itself means. The hardest part about the course is understanding to a degree the various differences and opinions that this particular party stands firm to over others.

10. PSC 411 – Political Media Research

the different forms of media and a man with a laptop

Political Media research is a political science course that teaches students the various ways of researching different medias for credibility as well as the best forms of media to conduct information. Media has many forms and styles of going about news, finding out which sources are the best are a key function of success.

Stephen F. Austin State University allows students to take rigorous courses that are varied among a large set of degrees. If you are looking to pursue a career in a certain field, these courses will give you the tools needed to do well.

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