Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Past Exams 2019

Looking for Virginia Commonwealth University past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at VCU. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow VCU peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ACCT 203Introduction to Accounting IView Exams
ACCT 204Introduction to Accounting IIView Exams
AFAM 111Introduction to Africana StudiesView Exams
AFAM 361Americans from AfricaView Exams
ANTH 103Introduction to AnthropologyView Exams
ARTH 103Survey of Art IView Exams
ARTH 104Survey of Art IIView Exams
ARTH 270History of the Motion Picture IView Exams
ARTH 320Baroque and Rococo Art and ArchitectureView Exams
BIOL 101Biological ConceptsView Exams
BIOL 151Introduction to Biological Sciences IView Exams
BIOL 152Introduction to Biological Sciences IIView Exams
BIOL 205Basic Human AnatomyView Exams
BIOL 209Medical MicrobiologyView Exams
BIOL 217Principles of NutritionView Exams
BIOL 310GeneticsView Exams
BIOL 361Biomedical ResearchView Exams
BNFO 301Introduction to BioinformaticsView Exams
BUSN 201Foundations of BusinessView Exams
BUSN 323Legal Environment of BusinessView Exams
CHEM 101General ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 102General Chemistry IIView Exams
CHEM 301Organic ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 302Organic ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 310Medicinal Chemistry and Drug DesignView Exams
CHEZ 302Organic Chemistry Laboratory IIView Exams
CLED 604Practicum: School CounselingView Exams
CMSC 312Introduction to Operating SystemsView Exams
CMSC 355Software Engineering Specification and DesignView Exams
CMSC 510Regularization Methods for Machine LearningView Exams
CRJS 181Introduction to Criminal JusticeView Exams
CRJS 324Courts and the Judicial ProcessView Exams
CRJS 355Criminological TheoryView Exams
CRJS 358Lawyer’s Role in the Justice SystemView Exams
CRJS 475Criminal ProcedureView Exams
ECON 101Introduction to Political EconomyView Exams
ECON 203Introduction to EconomicsView Exams
ECON 205The Economics of Product Development and MarketsView Exams
ECON 211Principles of MacroeconomicsView Exams
EGRB 102Introduction to EngineeringView Exams
EGRB 310BiomechanicsView Exams
EGRB 427BiomaterialsView Exams
EGRE 426Computer Organization and DesignView Exams
ENGL 41218th-century StudiesView Exams
FASH 241Survey of the Fashion Industry IIView Exams
FASH 250Concepts of Fashion Merchandising EnvironmentView Exams
FASH 290Textiles for the Fashion IndustryView Exams
FASH 319Contemporary FashionView Exams
FASH 343Fashion ForecastingView Exams
FASH 451Importing and Exporting FashionView Exams
FIRE 301Personal Financial PlanningView Exams
FIRE 309Risk and InsuranceView Exams
FIRE 311Financial ManagementView Exams
FIRE 316International Financial ManagementView Exams
FRSC 202Crime and ScienceView Exams
GSWS 201Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Women’s StudiesView Exams
HIST 103Survey of American HistoryView Exams
HIST 104Survey of American HistoryView Exams
HIST 201The Art of Historical DetectionView Exams
HPEX 310Fitness and HealthView Exams
HPEX 357Personal Health and Behavior ChangeView Exams
HUMS 202Choices in a Consumer SocietyView Exams
INFO 360Business Information SystemsView Exams
INFO 361Systems Analysis and DesignView Exams
INSC 201Energy!View Exams
INTL 101Human Societies and GlobalizationView Exams
INTL 105International RelationsView Exams
MASC 151Global CommunicationsView Exams
MASC 305Copy EditingView Exams
MASC 361History and Development of JournalismView Exams
MASC 367Audio and Video JournalismView Exams
MATH 121Perspective GeometryView Exams
MATH 122TessellationsView Exams
MATH 141Algebra with ApplicationsView Exams
MATH 151Precalculus MathematicsView Exams
MATH 200Calculus with Analytic GeometryView Exams
MATH 201Calculus with Analytic GeometryView Exams
MATH 300Introduction to Mathematical ReasoningView Exams
MATH 301Differential EquationsView Exams
MATH 307Multivariate CalculusView Exams
MATH 310Linear AlgebraView Exams
MATH 351Applied Abstract AlgebraView Exams
MATH 601Abstract Algebra IView Exams
MATH 691Special Topics in MathematicsView Exams
MEDC 310Medicinal Chemistry and Drug DesignView Exams
MEDC 527Basic Pharmaceutical Principles for the Practicing PharmacistView Exams
MEDC 601Advanced Medicinal Chemistry IView Exams
MEDC 609Advanced Organic Synthesis: A Target-oriented ApproachView Exams
MGMT 121The Business EnvironmentView Exams
MGMT 291Topics in ManagementView Exams
MGMT 310Managing People in OrganizationsView Exams
MGMT 319LeadershipView Exams
MGMT 644International Business ManagementView Exams
MHIS 110Elements of MusicView Exams
MKTG 301Marketing PrinciplesView Exams
MKTG 315Buyer BehaviorView Exams
MKTG 330Integrated Marketing CommunicationsView Exams
MKTG 340Retail ManagementView Exams
MKTG 442Services MarketingView Exams
PCEU 604Molecular PharmaceuticsView Exams
PHIL 201Critical Thinking About Moral ProblemsView Exams
PHIS 206Human PhysiologyView Exams
PHTX 515Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthetists IView Exams
PHYS 101Foundations of PhysicsView Exams
PHYS 103Elementary AstronomyView Exams
PHYS 201General Physics IView Exams
PHYS 207University Physics IView Exams
PHYS 208University Physics IIView Exams
PHYS 591Topics in PhysicsView Exams
PHYS 691Special TopicsView Exams
POLI 103U.S. GovernmentView Exams
PSYC 101Introduction to PsychologyView Exams
PSYC 302Psychology of AdolescenceView Exams
PSYC 304Life Span Developmental PsychologyView Exams
PSYC 318Principles of Psychological Tests and MeasurementsView Exams
PSYC 340Introduction to the Helping RelationshipView Exams
PSYC 406PerceptionView Exams
PSYC 407Psychology of the AbnormalView Exams
PSYC 412Health PsychologyView Exams
RELS 108Human SpiritualityView Exams
RELS 311Religions of the WorldView Exams
RELS 340Global Ethics and the World’s ReligionsView Exams
SCMA 323Legal Environment of BusinessView Exams
SLWK 606Policy, Community and Organizational Practice IIView Exams
SOCY 101Introduction to SociologyView Exams
STAT 208Statistical ThinkingView Exams
STAT 210Basic Practice of StatisticsView Exams
STAT 314Applications of StatisticsView Exams
STAT 321Introduction to Statistical ComputingView Exams
UNIV 112Focused Inquiry IIView Exams

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