Purdue University Past and Practice Exams 2019

Looking for Purdue past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at Purdue University. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow Purdue peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Here
AAE 20300Aeromechanics IView Here
AAE 20400Aeromechanics IIView Here
AAE 33300Fluid MechanicsView Here
AAE 33400AerodynamicsView Here
AAE 34000Dynamics And VibrationsView Here
AAE 35200Structural Analysis IView Here
AAE 37200Jet Propulsion Power PlantsView Here
AAE 42100Flight Dynamics And ControlView Here
AAE 56700Introduction To Applied Stochastic ProcessesView Here
AAE 62600Turbulence And Turbulence ModelingView Here
ABE 32500Soil And Water Resource EngineeringView Here
ABE 58000Process Engineering Of Renewable ResourcesView Here
AGEC 20300Introductory Microeconomics For Food And AgribusinessView Here
AGEC 22000Economics Of Agricultural MarketsView Here
AGEC 33000Management Methods For Agricultural BusinessView Here
AGEC 34000International Economic DevelopmentView Here
AGEC 35200Quantitative Techniques For Firm Decision MakingView Here
AGEC 40600Natural Resource And Environmental EconomicsView Here
AGEC 45500Agricultural LawView Here
AGEC 64000Agricultural PolicyView Here
AGEC 65200Application Of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematical ProgrammingView Here
AGRY 25500Soil ScienceView Here
AGRY 30500Seed Analysis And Grain GradingView Here
AGRY 37500Crop Production SystemsView Here
AGRY 46500Soil Physical PropertiesView Here
AGRY 51500Plant Mineral NutritionView Here
AGRY 56000Soil PhysicsView Here
ANSC 10600Biology Companion AnimalView Here
BCHM 56200General Biochemistry IIView Here
BCM 38000Concrete ConstructionView Here
BCM 38501Soils In ConstructionView Here
BCM 47500Construction CostsView Here
BIOL 11000Fundamentals Of Biology IView Here
BIOL 11100Fundamentals Of Biology IIView Here
BIOL 20300Human Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
BIOL 20400Human Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
BIOL 22100Introduction To MicrobiologyView Here
BIOL 23000Biology Of The Living CellView Here
BIOL 23100Biology III: Cell Structure And FunctionView Here
BIOL 24100Biology IV: Genetics And Molecular BiologyView Here
BIOL 24200Laboratory In Biology IV: Genetics And Molecular BiologyView Here
BIOL 28600Introduction To Ecology And EvolutionView Here
BIOL 30100Human Design: Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
CDFS 25500Introduction To Couple And Family RelationshipsView Here
CE 20300Principles And Practice Of GeomaticsView Here
CE 21000Introduction To GeomaticsView Here
CE 22200Life Cycle Engineering And Management Of Constructed FacilitiesView Here
CE 23100Engineering Materials IView Here
CE 27000Introductory Structural MechanicsView Here
CE 29700Basic Mechanics I (Statics)View Here
CE 29800Basic Mechanics II DynamicsView Here
CE 32200Introduction To Construction EngineeringView Here
CE 33100Engineering Materials IIView Here
CE 34000HydraulicsView Here
CE 35000Introduction To Environmental And Ecological EngineeringView Here
CE 36100Transportation EngineeringView Here
CE 37100Structural Analysis IView Here
CE 38300Geotechnical Engineering IView Here
CE 39700Undergraduate Professional InternshipView Here
CE 47300Reinforced Concrete DesignView Here
CE 47400Structural Analysis IIView Here
CE 58700Soil DynamicsView Here
CE 59700Civil Engineering ProjectsView Here
CE 69700Civil Engineering ProjectsView Here
CEM 49700Construction Engineering ProjectsView Here
CHE 20500Chemical Engineering CalculationsView Here
CHE 21100Introductory Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsView Here
CHE 30600Design Of Staged Separation ProcessesView Here
CHE 32000Statistical Modeling And Quality EnhancementView Here
CHE 33000Principles Of Molecular EngineeringView Here
CHE 34800Chemical Reaction EngineeringView Here
CHE 37700Momentum TransferView Here
CHE 37800Heat And Mass TransferView Here
CHE 69700Special Topics In Chemical EngineeringView Here
CHEM C1260Experimental Chemistry IIView Here
CHM 11100General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11500General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11600General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11900General ChemistryView Here
CHM 12300General Chemistry For Engineers IView Here
CHM 12400General Chemistry For Engineers IIView Here
CHM 20000Fundamentals Of ChemistryView Here
CHM 22400Introductory Quantitative AnalysisView Here
CHM 25500Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 25501Organic Chemistry LaboratoryView Here
CHM 25600Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 26100Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 26200Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 32300Analytical Chemistry I HonorsView Here
CHM 33300Principles Of BiochemistryView Here
CHM 34200Inorganic ChemistryView Here
CHM 37000Topics In Physical ChemistryView Here
CHM 60500Safety In The Chemistry LaboratoryView Here
CHM 66800Physical Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 69600Special Topics In ChemistryView Here
CNIT 18000Introduction To Systems DevelopmentView Here
CNIT 27200Database FundamentalsView Here
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia ObjectsView Here
CS 18000Problem Solving And ObjectView Here
CS 25000Computer ArchitectureView Here
CS 33400Fundamentals Of Computer GraphicsView Here
CS 35200Compilers: Principles And PracticeView Here
CS 38100Introduction To The Analysis Of AlgorithmsView Here
CS 42200Computer NetworksView Here
CS 49000Topics In Computer Sciences For UndergraduatesView Here
CS 50200Compiling And Programming SystemsView Here
CS 50300Operating SystemsView Here
CS 52600Information SecurityView Here
CS 53600Data Communication And Computer NetworksView Here
CS 54100Database SystemsView Here
CS 55500CryptographyView Here
CS 56500Programming LanguagesView Here
CS 57300Data MiningView Here
CS 58000Algorithm Design# Analysis# And ImplementationView Here
CS 59000Topics In Computer SciencesView Here
EAS 13000Introductory Earth Science for Elementary EducationView Here
EAS 22300Ocean StudiesView Here
ECE 20100Linear Circuit Analysis IView Here
ECE 20200Linear Circuit Analysis IIView Here
ECE 20700Electronic Measurement TechniquesView Here
ECE 25500Introduction To Electronic Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 26400Advanced C ProgrammingView Here
ECE 27000Introduction To Digital System DesignView Here
ECE 30100Signals And SystemsView Here
ECE 30200Probabilistic Methods In Electrical And Computer EngineeringView Here
ECE 30500Semiconductor DevicesView Here
ECE 30700Electromagnetic Fields And Waves LaboratoryView Here
ECE 31100Electric And Magnetic FieldsView Here
ECE 38200Feedback System Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 42300Electromechanical Motion ControlView Here
ECE 43300Power ElectronicsView Here
ECE 43700Computer Design And PrototypingView Here
ECE 43800Digital Signal Processing With ApplicationsView Here
ECE 46100Software EngineeringView Here
ECE 48300Digital Control Systems Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 53800Digital Signal Processing IView Here
ECE 57300Compilers And Translator Writing SystemsView Here
ECE 59500Selected Topics In Electrical EngineeringView Here
ECE 60800Computational Models And MethodsView Here
ECE 63800Principles Of Digital Color Imaging SystemsView Here
ECE 65900Quantum Phenomena In SemiconductorsView Here
ECE 66100Computer VisionView Here
ECE 69500Advanced Topics In Electrical And Computer EngineeringView Here
ECET 10900Digital FundamentalsView Here
ECET 15900Digital ApplicationsView Here
ECET 21400Electricity FundamentalsView Here
ECET 23100Electrical Power And ControlsView Here
ECET 23300Electronics And Industrial ControlsView Here
ECET 25700Consumer Power ElectronicsView Here
ECET 30400Introduction To Communication SystemsView Here
ECET 30700Analog Network Signal ProcessingView Here
ECET 32400Fundamentals Of ElectromagneticsView Here
ECET 37400Digital TelecommunicationsView Here
ECON 25100MicroeconomicsView Here
ECON 25200MacroeconomicsView Here
ECON 35200Intermediate MacroeconomicsView Here
ECON 36000EconometricsView Here
ECON 37000International TradeView Here
ECON 37100International Monetary ProblemsView Here
ECON 38000Money And BankingView Here
ECON 41500Contemporary Economic Problems And PoliciesView Here
EDST 20000History And Philosophy Of EducationView Here
EDUC Q2000Introduction To Scientific InquiryView Here
ENG E3010Literatures In English To 1600View Here
ENGL 10600FirstView Here
ENGR 12600Engineering Problem Solving and Computer ToolsView Here
ENGR 13200Transforming Ideas To Innovation IIView Here
ENGR 19500FirstView Here
FN 31500Fundamentals Of NutritionView Here
FNR 10300Introduction To Environmental ConservationView Here
FNR 40700Forest EconomicsView Here
GEOL G1110Physical GeologyView Here
HIST 35100The Second World WarView Here
HORT 20100Plant PropagationView Here
IE 23000Probability And Statistics In Engineering IView Here
IE 33000Probability And Statistics In Engineering IIView Here
IE 33600Operations ResearchView Here
IE 58100Simulation Design And AnalysisView Here
MA 10800Mathematics As A Profession And A DisciplineView Here
MA 11100AlgebraView Here
MA 15200College AlgebraView Here
MA 15300Algebra And Trigonometry IView Here
MA 15400Algebra And Trigonometry IIView Here
MA 15900PrecalculusView Here
MA 15910Introduction To CalculusView Here
MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Here
MA 16200Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Here
MA 16500Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Here
MA 16600Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Here
MA 17300Calculus And Analytic Geometry IIView Here
MA 17400Multivariable CalculusView Here
MA 18200Honors Calculus IIView Here
MA 22300Introductory Analysis IView Here
MA 22400Introductory Analysis IIView Here
MA 26100Multivariate CalculusView Here
MA 26200Linear Algebra And Differential EquationsView Here
MA 26500Linear AlgebraView Here
MA 26600Ordinary Differential EquationsView Here
MA 27101Honors Multivariate CalculusView Here
MA 30300Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the SciencesView Here
MA 51100Linear Algebra With ApplicationsView Here
MA 51500Mathematics Of FinanceView Here
MA 53000Functions Of A Complex Variable IView Here
MA 54400Real Analysis And Measure TheoryView Here
MATH M0070Elementary AlgebraView Here
ME 20000Thermodynamics IView Here
ME 27000Basic Mechanics IView Here
ME 30900Fluid MechanicsView Here
ME 36500Measurement And Control Systems IView Here
ME 37500Measurement And Control Systems IIView Here
ME 41300Noise ControlView Here
MGMT 20000Introductory AccountingView Here
MGMT 20100Management Accounting IView Here
MGMT 35000Intermediate Accounting IView Here
MGMT 46200Advanced Manufacturing Planning And Control SystemsView Here
PHYS 21900General Physics IIView Here
PHYS 24100Electricity And OpticsView Here
PHYS 27200Electric And Magnetic InteractionsView Here
PSY 20000Introduction To Cognitive PsychologyView Here
SOC 10000Introductory SociologyView Here
STAT 11300Statistics And SocietyView Here
STAT 22500Introduction To Probability ModelsView Here
STAT 51200Applied Regression AnalysisView Here

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