10 Hardest Courses at Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University is a public university in Cedar City, Utah. There are over 1,800 graduates each year from the university. There are more than 140 undergraduate degrees and 19 graduate programs. Some notable alumni from SUU are Mike Leavitt, Harry Reid, and Jill Stevens.

1. ACCT 3020 – Financial Accounting II

Word cloud related with financial accounting

This course is three credits and offered in both the fall and spring. The course is a continuation of Financial Accounting I. It goes over the core of accounting knowledge that is essential to any student entering any area of accounting.

2. ACCT 6450 – Forensic Accounting

A picture showing the aspects of forensic accounting

This is a three credit course that is only offered in the summer. The course goes over the growing science of forensic accounting. Students will become more proficient at diagnostic measures used to identify the possibility of fraud being perpetuated in business entities.

3. BIOL 3060 – Genetics

Picture of DNA which is a part of the genetic course

The course is three credits and offered in both spring and summer. Students learn about the transmission and expression of genetic information, organisms, and populations. Students also will learn about basic transmission and molecular genetics, regulation of gene expression, development genetics, and more.

4. BIOL 4400 – Neurobiology

Picture of the brain and brainwaves

This course is three credits and offered in the fall, every other year. Students are introduced to the structure and function of the nervous system. Topics include cellular neurobiology, how organisms sense and respond to environmental stimuli, and cognitive neuroscience.

5. CCET 4600 – Engineering Design

The picture shows the steps of the engineering design process

This course is three credits and offered in the spring. Students will learn about design applications, solving technical design problems and using problem solving techniques. Students also will design procedures in flat pattern development, calculate setback, and bend allowance.

6. CHEM 2310 – Organic Chemistry I

This picture shows a formula for an organic chemistry equation

The course is four credits and it is offered in both fall and summer. The course is a study of the carbon containing molecules of life through the theories that govern chemical change. Some of the concepts are the naming, preparation, and reaction mechanisms of biologically active compounds.

7. CS 3150 – C and C++ Programming

The picture above is a word art illustration of C++

The course is three credits and offered in the fall. The course is an introduction to C and C++ for students with previous programming and experience in Java. Some of the topics include C and C++ syntax and constructs, the Standard Template Library, and advanced problem-solving techniques in both languages.

8. IS 3650 – Network Security

The picture shows a computer keyboard with network security as one of the keys

The course is three credits and offered in the fall. The course provides a fundamental understanding of network security principles and concepts regarding security technologies and policies, attacks and countermeasures, intrusion detection systems, and more. There are also a variety of projects in the class.

9. CJ 1330 – Criminal Law

Picture of a gavel and criminal law book

The course is for three credits and offered in both fall and spring. It is an examination of substantive criminal law which includes definition of law and crime, general principles of criminal responsibility and much more.

10. FIN 3250 – Managerial Finance I

Word cloud of some of the main terms in managerial finance

The course is three credits and offered in both the fall and spring. It is a two-course series designed to ground students in the theories, concepts, and applications of finance. There is an emphasis on financial ratios, time value of money, project analysis, cost of capital, and risk management.

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