10 Hardest Courses at Northern Kentucky University

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Northern Kentucky University

If you want to pass these hardest courses at Northern Kentucky University, you have to pay complete attention to the students. These courses help the students to educate themselves about various subjects and their implementation in practical life. Students can pass all these courses easily if they invest most of their time in studies during university life.

1. ACCT 200 Principles of Accounting I – Financial

components of financial accounting

This course deals with the business transactions measurement along with the accounting cycle. Students will learn about the external parties included in income statements, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Moreover, they will also learn about the stakeholder’s statement by providing analysis over it through the GAAP valuation which will be the hardest part of this course. There will be analysis on receivables, inventories, cash, long term assets, and liabilities.


 image of 5 skulls

This course deals with the themes and concepts of biological anthropology. It includes the topics related to primate behavior, human genetics, the relation of human cultures, biological organisms and human evolutions. Along with that, students will have to collect the evidence from the fossil remains and provide reports on it which will analyze their understanding of the topics.


human skeleton

This course emphasizes on the functions and structure of the organ systems within humans. There are topics related to the functions of systems like cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and more. With the theoretical study, students will also have to work in a lab for practical work to acquire a good passing grade in this course. The combination of human anatomy and physiology is hard to pass unless the students pay attention in class. They have to read a lot on their end to understand the topics before the discussion in the class.


Components of Information System

This course is related to the information systems of businesses. It defines the scope of the project and students will learn various scales of objectives. There is a lot of research in this course which can make it tough for the students to pass it with a good grade. The assignments in this course are practical-based which the students have to present to the class every week.


A man giving presentation

This course is about professional development in the students for their business life. It helps the students to learn about the ethics and business rules which they have to follow in the future. Students will learn about the behavior during their career employment interview through demos. It prepares the students for career orientation and professionalism in the real world. This course will be hard as students have to pay complete attention to learn little details of business professionals.

6. DSC 311 Data Analytics

4 Types of Data Analytics

This course is a study related to the process of data analysis. Students will discover the topics about data visualization and analysis, presentation of data analysis results, modeling techniques and many more. Students need to practice a lot to pass this course as it requires constant effort and attention.

7. COM 520 Relational Communication

2 girls shaking hands

This course is about developing skills for interpersonal communication. Students will learn and build an understanding of the role of sustaining healthy conversations in social or personal relationships. Also, there will be multiple theories for the students to explore along with self-application and concepts. So, this course will be hard to pass without practicing it and bringing improvement in their skills.

8. CIT 436 Web Server Administration

picture of globe and laptop

This course deals with the web server configuration and the admin concepts. Students will learn the installations on the system and the proxy server. Along with the theoretical studies, there will be great emphasis on practical work. The more students will practice the web servers, the better chance for them to pass this hard course. Alongside, the topics will also include the analysis of the web environment and monitoring it.

9. CSC 425 Artificial Intelligence


This course deals with the techniques and concepts of Artificial intelligence. It teaches the students about the systems and the heuristic search which is found in the AI. Topics included in this course are related to the AI language, neural networks, natural processing of language and more. The course seems difficult in the beginning, but with constant study, it will be easier to pass.

10. JUS 310 Police Management

Policeman riding his bike

This course is interesting for students who like to pursue a career in criminal justice. Also, it focuses on the operational services of criminal investigation, juvenile units, patrol, traffic administration, and intelligence. So, students will have to look into the administration and structure studies both to pass this course successfully.

With the help of instructions and proper attention from the students, they will be able to pass these hardest courses. The road to success is never easy, but if you are dedicated to it, you can achieve the goal with distinction.

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