10 Hardest Courses at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science is a public land-grant research university in Starkville, Mississippi. There are 21 353 students – the largest campus enrollment in the state, on the main campus. The university has a lot of notable alumni including John Grisham, Richard Adkerson, and Dak Prescott.

1) CH 4513 – Organic Chemistry

This picture depicts some of the work done in organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is always one of the toughest courses for science majors. This course at MSU is a three hour lecture with a lab. The course is a systematic study of organic chemistry including aliphatic, aromatic, and heterocyclic compounds.

2) MA 2743 – Calculus IV

This picture shows some of the graphing work that can be done using Calculus IV.

Calculus is one of the math courses that most students dread and Calc IV is no different. The course is a three hour lecture. It will include differential calculus of functions of several variables, multiple integration, vector calculus.

3) BIO 3304 – Microbiology

picture of bacteria in different shapes

This course in microbiology is a general microbiology course, but it is still very difficult because of how tough the field of microbiology is. The course is designed for science majors only and is two hours lecture with four hours of lab. The course teaches fundamentals and techniques in staining and culture of microorganisms.

4) PH 2233 – Physics III

This picture depicts an experiment that one can expect to do in physics III.

Physics III is a two hour lecture, one hour recitation, and two hours lab course. It is calculus-based in simple harmonic motion, waves, optics, and an introduction to modern physics.

5) ACC 2013 – Principles of Financial Accounting

This is a clip art style image of a graph that one would make in this course.

Financial Accounting is a course that almost every business student has to take. It is a three hour lecture course. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of accounting including the accounting cycle, accounting systems, cash flow, assets, liabilities, equity, and forms of business organizations.

6) EC 2113 – Principles of Macroeconomics

This image depicts one of the fundamental principles of macroeconomics.

Macro is a course that is all business students need to take. At MSU students must be a sophomore to take this course as well. It is a three hour lecture that will teach about free enterprise principles, policies, institutions, national income, employment, and much more.

7) GE 3813 – Challenges in Global Engineering

This picture depicts how engineering problems are intertwined throughout the world.

This course is for junior engineering majors. The course is a three hour lecture that dives into the issues of globalization in the engineering profession. Students will also learn about the critical concepts in global engineering projects.

8) FLF 4233 – Modern French Poetry

This picture shows an image of the cover of one of the many French poetry books.

Poetry is an area that a lot of students in the English department struggle understanding. The course is a three hour lecture in which students will learn an introduction to modern French poetry and the literacy movements that epitomize the current time period.

9) MA 1323 – Trigonometry

This picture shows some of the basic trig concepts that students will learn in the course, including sin cos and tan

Trig is a course that can be very confusing if not thoroughly understood. This course is a three hour lecture that students will learn about identities, trigonometric equations, and applications.

10) CH 1051 – Experimental Chemistry

This graphic is a clip art style picture showing some experimental chemistry materials.

This course is three hours of lab that is made to accompany CH 1043. The lab experiments are designed to illustrate the practical aspects of chemistry.

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