Top 10 Hardest Courses at Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College

The hardest courses at Diablo Valley College become easy when the students are working efficiently. The content of courses is complex but if the students pay full attention and focus, they will be able to accomplish the grades they wish to achieve.

1. Chem 120 – General College Chemistry 1

Compounds mixture in lab

This course deals with chemistry fundamentals along with theories related to it. Topics covered in this course are chemical reactions, atomic theory, gases, redox, structure, bonding, and kinetics. It is hard for students to understand everything from scratch and may be difficult to pass the course at first since it is quite challenging.

2. Biosc 130 – Principles Of Cellular And Molecular Biology

structure of DNA and RNA

The formation of this course is around the processes of biology and life of organisms. The emphasis of this course is on the cellular level organizations. Students will be able to learn about biological sciences in depth. Moreover, it covers topics such as molecular genetics, enzymes, immunology, gene control, and many others. There are also lab hours for students which they must cover in order to pass the class.

3. Bus 109 – Introduction To Business

2 men discussing business graphs

Business studies requires a lot of effort. Even though the course sounds easy but the content is difficult to understand. There are a lot of dimensions of business which the students need to comprehend. They have to present real-life examples to pass with good grades. Along with that, there are other topics which include the functional area of business, such as the aspects of marketing, human resource, economics and finances.

4. Bus 105 – Business Etiquettes

2 men are shaking hands and 3 girls are clapping

Learning business etiquettes comes with theory and practice. There will be presentations and demonstrations from actual business situations. It will help students to learn how to deal with the real world. There will be various activities such as manners, conversational styles and shaking hands. Moreover, it will cover the dining etiquettes, business travel and much more. Thus, the course is interesting for personal grooming as well as hard to pass.

5. Art 101 – Introduction To Two Dimensional Design

2D drawing

The combination of application and theory is hard for students to manage. It can bring their grades down when they are required to focus on more than one thing. However, this course includes the study of visual arts, two-dimensional design, cultural and historical elements. Students will explore all the interesting topics in this subject.

6. Drama 112 – Introduction To Stage Makeup

Rehearsals at stage

This course deals with the materials, aesthetics and the stage makeup procedures. Students have to learn the details of makeup application, plays circumstances, techniques, corrective makeup and much more. Along with that, they have to read through the history to understand the dynamics of drama to perform efficiently.

7. Comsc 110 – Introduction To Programming

Different concepts of programming

Concepts of programming are interesting for those who have an idea about it. Students need to practice a lot to know about the modular design and the development of the program. If they want to get a good hold of the subject, it will require their dedication. The course focuses on coding style, testing, documentation and debugging. All the data and structures are used through the programming language. To pass the course, students have to memorize the codes efficiently.

8. Chem 109 – Introduction To Organic And Biochemistry

Chemical compounds

The focus of this course is on living things and their chemistry. There are chemical compounds which the students need to understand in order to pass this course. This course is hard to cover as it requires a deep understanding of biochemistry and the molecular structure. There are various functions discussed in the subject which require the students to pay attention all the time without missing even one lecture.

9. Geol 120 – Physical Geology

different levels of earth crust

This course deals with all the geology phases which makes it a lengthy course. Due to the extensive theories and concepts, it will be tough for the student to pass this course. Topics covered in this course are fundamental processes of earth’s crust. Moreover, it gets tough as it reaches the end due to the mathematical concepts to understand quantitative reasoning. Also, student will learn about the rocks, minerals and landscape of the earth.

10. Math 192 – Analytical Geometry And Calculus 1

Angles in geometry

Geometry and calculus are always challenging. Students will find it hard to work with algebraic functions and the complete application. They will have to work consistently with effort to understand the system of algebra. Along with that, there are graphing calculators which the students will use in order to get proper solutions for the problems.

Working hard always pay off and that is what the students need to do at Diablo Valley College. Without wasting any time, it is better to study with constant effort to get a passing grade in each subject.

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