ASU Past Exams and Midterms 2019


Arizona State University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at ASU.

We recommend adding in your midterm and final exams dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them. Final exam schedule can be found at the official school website.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at ASU, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and final exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at ASUPast Midterms and Exams
ACC 231Uses of Accounting Information IView Now
ACC 444Enterprise Process Analysis and DesignView Now
ARS 101Art from Prehistory Through Middle AgesView Now
ASB 101Anthropology: Understanding Human DiversityView Now
ASB 222Buried Cities and Lost TribesView Now
ASM 104Bones, Stones, and Human EvolutionView Now
ASM 275Forensic AnthropologyView Now
AST 112Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and CosmologyView Now
BIO 282Conceptual Approaches to Biology for Majors IIView Now
CHM 101Introductory ChemistryView Now
CHM 113General Chemistry IView Now
CHM 114General Chemistry for EngineersView Now
CHM 116General Chemistry IIView Now
CHM 231Elementary Organic ChemistryView Now
CIS 105Computer Applications and Information TechnologyView Now
COM 100Introduction to Human CommunicationView Now
COM 316Gender and CommunicationView Now
CRJ 302Research MethodsView Now
CRJ 305Gender, Crime, and Criminal JusticeView Now
CSE 100Principles of Programming with C++View Now
CSE 110Principles of ProgrammingView Now
CSE 205Object-Oriented Programming and Data StructuresView Now
ECN 211Macroeconomic PrinciplesView Now
ECN 212Microeconomic PrinciplesView Now
ECN 306Survey of International EconomicsView Now
FAS 331Marriage and Family RelationshipsView Now
GPH 111Introduction to Physical GeographyView Now
HST 338American Indian History since 1900View Now
INT 111Interior Design Issues and TheoriesView Now
LPH 31120th-Century Landscape ArchitectureView Now
MAT 210Brief CalculusView Now
MAT 211Mathematics for Business AnalysisView Now
MAT 242Elementary Linear AlgebraView Now
MAT 265Calculus for Engineers IView Now
MAT 266Calculus for Engineers IIView Now
MUS 354Popular MusicView Now
MUS 362Rap Music and Hip Hop CultureView Now
PHY 121University Physics I: MechanicsView Now
PHY 132University Physics Laboratory IIView Now
POS 210Political IdeologiesView Now
REL 100Religions of the WorldView Now
SOC 101Introductory SociologyView Now
STP 231Statistics for Life ScienceView Now
WST 100Women, Gender, and SocietyView Now

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Get access to the best lecture notes and exam study guides for all of your courses on Sign-up and get an unlimited account to see the latest notes and helpful study material for your upcoming exams

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