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University of Florida students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at UF.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ABE 2062Biology for EngineersView Exams
ACG 2021Introduction to Financial AccountingView Exams
AEB 4242International Trade Policy in AgricultureView Exams
AFA 3360Archaeology of African-American Life and CultureView Exams
AGR 3303GeneticsView Exams
ALS 3133Agricultural and Environmental QualityView Exams
AMH 2010United States to 1877View Exams
AMH 2020United States since 1877View Exams
AMH 3223The Gilded AgeView Exams
AMH 3562Women in Modern U.S.View Exams
ANT 4114Principles of ArchaeologyView Exams
ANT 4354The Anthropology of Modern AfricaView Exams
ANT 4930Special Topics in AnthropologyView Exams
APK 2100CApplied Human Anatomy with LaboratoryView Exams
APK 2105CApplied Human Physiology with LaboratoryView Exams
ARC 2180Introduction to Digital ArchitectureView Exams
AST 2037Life in the UniverseView Exams
BCH 3025Fundamentals of BiochemistryView Exams
BCH 4024Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyView Exams
BSC 2010Integrated Principles of Biology 1View Exams
BSC 2011Integrated Principles of Biology 2View Exams
CAP 4621Artificial Intelligence and HeuristicsView Exams
CAP 4730Computational Structures in Computer GraphicsView Exams
CAP 4800Systems SimulationView Exams
CDA 3101Introduction to Computer OrganizationView Exams
CEG 4012Geotechnical EngineeringView Exams
CEN 4072Software Testing and VerificationView Exams
CES 4702Analysis and Design in Reinforced ConcreteView Exams
CGS 2531Problem Solving Using Computer SoftwareView Exams
CHM 2045General Chemistry 1View Exams
CHM 2045LGeneral Chemistry 1 LaboratoryView Exams
CHM 2046General Chemistry 2View Exams
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry 2 LaboratoryView Exams
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 1View Exams
CHM 3120Introduction to Analytical ChemistryView Exams
CHM 3218Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry 2View Exams
CHM 3400Physical Chemistry for the BiosciencesView Exams
CHM 3610Inorganic ChemistryView Exams
CHM 4130Instrumental AnalysisView Exams
CHM 4411Physical Chemistry – Thermodynamics and KineticsView Exams
CIS 4301Information and Database Systems 1View Exams
CIS 4914Senior ProjectView Exams
CIS 4930Special Topics in CISEView Exams
CLA 3160Ancient EgyptView Exams
CLT 3930Special Topics in Classical LiteratureView Exams
COP 3530Data Structures and AlgorithmView Exams
COP 4020Programming Language ConceptsView Exams
COP 4600Operating SystemsView Exams
COP 4620Translators and Translator Writing SystemsView Exams
COT 3100Applications of Discrete StructuresView Exams
COT 4501Numerical Analysis: A Computational ApproachView Exams
CWR 3201HydrodynamicsView Exams
DEP 3053Developmental PsychologyView Exams
DEP 4930Revolving Topics in Developmental PsychologyView Exams
EAB 3764Applied Behavior AnalysisView Exams
EAS 4101AerodynamicsView Exams
EAS 4240Aerospace Structural Composites 1View Exams
EAS 4700Aerospace Design 1View Exams
ECH 3101Process ThermodynamicsView Exams
ECH 3203Fluid and Solid OperationsView Exams
ECH 4504Chemical Kinetics and Reactor DesignView Exams
ECO 2013Principles of MacroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 2023Principles of MicroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 3101Intermediate MicroeconomicsView Exams
ECP 3203Labor EconomicsView Exams
ECP 3703Managerial EconomicsView Exams
EDG 4930Special TopicsView Exams
EEL 3003Elements of Electrical EngineeringView Exams
EEL 3105Analytical Methods in Electrical EngineeringView Exams
EEL 3111CCircuits 1View Exams
EEL 3135Introduction to Signals and SystemsView Exams
EEL 3923CElectrical Engineering Design 1View Exams
EEL 4930Special Topics in Electrical EngineeringView Exams
EEX 3616Core Classroom Management StrategiesView Exams
EGM 3344Introduction to Numerical Methods of Engineering AnalysisView Exams
EGM 3401Engineering Mechanics: DynamicsView Exams
EGM 4313Intermediate Engineering AnalysisView Exams
EGM 4590BiodynamicsView Exams
EGM 4853Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Bio-Heat TransferView Exams
EIN 4321Industrial Energy ManagementView Exams
EIN 4343Inventory and Supply Chain SystemsView Exams
EIN 4354Engineering EconomyView Exams
EMA 3010MaterialsView Exams
EMA 4714Materials Selection and Failure AnalysisView Exams
EML 2023Computer Aided Graphics and DesignView Exams
EML 4312Control of Mechanical Engineering SystemsView Exams
ENC 3254Professional Writing in the DisciplineView Exams
ENC 3310Advanced ExpositionView Exams
ENV 4101Elements of Atmospheric PollutionView Exams
ENV 4121Air Pollution Control DesignView Exams
ENV 4514CWater and Wastewater TreatmentView Exams
ESC 1000Introduction to Earth ScienceView Exams
ESI 4221CIndustrial Quality ControlView Exams
ESI 4312Operations Research 1View Exams
ESI 4313Operations Research 2View Exams
ESI 4523Industrial Systems SimulationView Exams
FIN 3403Business FinanceView Exams
FIN 4504Equity and Capital MarketsView Exams
FNR 4660Natural Resource Policy and EconomicsView Exams
FOS 4311Food ChemistryView Exams
GEB 3373International BusinessView Exams
GEO 3372Conservation of ResourcesView Exams
GEO 4938Selected Topics in GeographyView Exams
GRE 1131Accelerated Beginning Ancient Greek 2View Exams
HAI 1130Beginning Haitian Creole 1View Exams
HAI 1131Beginning Haitian Creole 2View Exams
HOS 4341Advanced Horticultural PhysiologyView Exams
IDH 3931Interdisciplinary Junior HonorsView Exams
INR 4083War and Peace in World PoliticsView Exams
INR 4204Comparative Foreign PolicyView Exams
LIN 4320Introduction to PhonologyView Exams
LIN 4930Special Topics in LinguisticsView Exams
MAA 4102Introduction to Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Physical Scientists 1View Exams
MAA 4103Introduction to Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Physical Scientists 2View Exams
MAA 4402Functions of a Complex VariableView Exams
MAC 1105Basic College AlgebraView Exams
MAC 1114TrigonometryView Exams
MAC 1140Precalculus AlgebraView Exams
MAC 1147Precalculus Algebra and TrigonometryView Exams
MAC 2233Survey of Calculus 1View Exams
MAC 2234Survey of Calculus 2View Exams
MAC 2311Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1View Exams
MAC 2312Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2View Exams
MAC 2313Analytic Geometry and Calculus 3View Exams
MAC 3472Honors Calculus 1View Exams
MAC 3473Honors Calculus 2View Exams
MAD 4401Introduction to Numerical AnalysisView Exams
MAN 3025Principles of ManagementView Exams
MAP 2302Elementary Differential EquationsView Exams
MAP 4305Differential Equations for Engineers and Physical ScientistsView Exams
MAS 3300Numbers and PolynomialsView Exams
MAS 4105Linear Algebra 1View Exams
MAS 4203Introduction to Number TheoryView Exams
MCB 3020Basic Biology of MicroorganismsView Exams
MET 1010Introduction to Weather and ClimateView Exams
MGF 1106Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors 1View Exams
MGF 1107Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors 2View Exams
MUH 3025Popular Music in the USA: From Ragtime to Hip-Hop and BeyondView Exams
OCE 3016Introduction to Coastal and Oceanographic EngineeringView Exams
ORH 4223Golf and Sports Turf ManagementView Exams
PCB 3063GeneticsView Exams
PCB 4522Molecular GeneticsView Exams
PCB 4674EvolutionView Exams
PHH 3400Modern PhilosophyView Exams
PHI 2630Contemporary Moral IssuesView Exams
PHY 2004Applied Physics 1View Exams
PHY 2005Applied Physics 2View Exams
PHY 2020Introduction to Principles of PhysicsView Exams
PHY 2048Physics with Calculus 1View Exams
PHY 2049Physics with Calculus 2View Exams
PHY 2053Physics 1View Exams
PHY 2054Physics 2View Exams
PHY 2060Enriched Physics with Calculus 1View Exams
PHY 2061Enriched Physics with Calculus 2View Exams
PHY 3063Enriched Modern PhysicsView Exams
PHY 3101Introduction to Modern PhysicsView Exams
PHY 3513Thermal Physics 1View Exams
PHY 4222Mechanics 2View Exams
PHY 4523Statistical PhysicsView Exams
PHY 4604Introductory Quantum Mechanics 1View Exams
PHY 4605Introductory Quantum Mechanics 2View Exams
PHZ 3113Introduction to Theoretical PhysicsView Exams
PLS 4601CPrinciples of Weed ScienceView Exams
POS 4734Research Methods in Political ScienceView Exams
PSY 2012General PsychologyView Exams
QMB 3250Statistics for Business DecisionsView Exams
RTV 3320Electronic Field ProductionView Exams
SOP 3004Social PsychologyView Exams
SPA 2014Forensic Applications of Speech ScienceView Exams
SPA 3011Speech AcousticsView Exams
SPM 4515Sport Business and FinanceView Exams
SPN 1182Preparation for Intermediate SpanishView Exams
STA 2023Introduction to Statistics 1View Exams
STA 3024Introduction to Statistics 2View Exams
STA 3032Engineering StatisticsView Exams
STA 4210Regression AnalysisView Exams
STA 4211Design of ExperimentsView Exams
STA 4321Introduction to ProbabilityView Exams
STA 4322Introduction to Statistics TheoryView Exams
STA 4504Categorical Data AnalysisView Exams
STA 4702Multivariate Statistical MethodsView Exams
SUR 3393Geographic Information SystemsView Exams
SUR 3501Spatial Measurement SystemsView Exams
SUR 4201Route Geometrics and DesignView Exams
THE 2000Theatre AppreciationView Exams
URP 4000Preview of Urban and Regional PlanningView Exams
VME 3001The DogView Exams
ZOO 4926Special Topics in ZoologyView Exams

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