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CU Boulder students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at University of Colorado – Boulder.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at CU Boulder, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at CU BoulderPast Midterms and Exams
ANTH 1170Exploring Culture and Gender through FilmView Now
ANTH 2010Introduction to Biological Anthropology 1View Now
APPM 1235Pre-Calculus for EngineersView Now
APPM 1340Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part AView Now
APPM 1345Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part BView Now
APPM 1350Calculus 1 for EngineersView Now
APPM 1360Calculus 2 for EngineersView Now
APPM 2350Calculus 3 for EngineersView Now
APPM 2360Intro to Differential Eq with Linear AlgebraView Now
APPM 3570Applied ProbabilityView Now
APPM 4650Intermediate Numerical Analysis 1View Now
AREN 2110ThermodynamicsView Now
ATOC 1060Our Changing EnvironmentView Now
BCOR 1015The World of BusinessView Now
BCOR 2000Accounting and Financial AnalysisView Now
BCOR 2200Introductory FinanceView Now
BUSM 2001Principles of Marketing and ManagementView Now
CHEM 1113General Chemistry 1View Now
CHEM 1133General Chemistry 2View Now
CHEM 3331Organic Chemistry 2View Now
CHEM 3351Organic Chem 1 for Chemistry and BiochemView Now
CHEM 4531Physical Chemistry 2View Now
CHEN 1211General Chemistry for EngineersView Now
CLAS 1051The World of the Ancient GreeksView Now
CLAS 1100Greek MythologyView Now
DNCE 1017Dance in Popular Culture and MediaView Now
EBIO 1210General Biology 1View Now
EBIO 1220General Biology 2View Now
ECEN 2250Introduction to Circuits and ElectronicsView Now
ECON 2010Principles of MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 2020Principles of MacroeconomicsView Now
FILM 1502Introduction to Film StudiesView Now
HIST 1051The World of the Ancient GreeksView Now
MATH 1300Calculus 1View Now
MATH 2001Introduction to Discrete MathematicsView Now
MATH 2130Introto Linear Algebra for Non-MathView Now
MATH 2300Calculus 2View Now
MATH 2400Calculus 3View Now
MATH 3001Analysis 1View Now
MATH 3140Abstract Algebra 1View Now
MATH 3210Euclidean and Non-Euclidean GeometryView Now
MATH 3510Introduction to Probability and StatisticsView Now
MATH 4001Analysis 2View Now
MATH 4650Intermediate Numerical Analysis 1View Now
MATH 4820History of Mathematical IdeasView Now
MCEN 2023Statics and StructuresView Now
NRSC 2100Introduction to NeuroscienceView Now
PHIL 1200Contemporary Social ProblemsView Now
PHYS 1110General Physics 1View Now
PHYS 1120General Physics 2View Now
PHYS 2020General Physics 2View Now
PSCI 1101Introduction to American PoliticsView Now
PSCI 2012Introduction to Comparative PoliticsView Now
PSCI 3071Urban PoliticsView Now
PSYC 1001General PsychologyView Now
PSYC 2012Biological PsychologyView Now
PSYC 3684Developmental PsychologyView Now
SOCY 1016Sex, Gender, and Society 1View Now

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Get access to the best lecture notes and exam study guides for all of your courses on Sign-up and get an unlimited account to see the latest notes and helpful study material for your upcoming exams

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