Restaurants & Cafes near or at University of Lethbridge

The main sign at the entrance to University of Lethbridge

Spend time with other ethnic students to know about their cuisines and try the restaurants near campus. Even though there are college cafes on campus, but you should always opt out for other options too so that you can enhance your experience by studying at the University of Lethbridge.

1. Campus Coffee Company

Cup of coffee

Find the best coffee and bread at this café. You will be able to enjoy each sip of the coffee because of the ambiance of the café. Along with that, you have the option to buy paninis, wraps, sandwiches and much more. Fill your stomach with something on the way to class every morning from this place.

2. Backstreet Eatery

grilled pizza

The backstreet eatery offers you with a variety of pizza and salad items. You can also find bacon salad here which is healthy and has a unique taste. It is a decent place to eat with your friends when you are hungry since morning. Make sure to try it by walking a few steps away from the campus once in a while.

3. Ericksen’s Fine Foods Take Home

classic mexican adobo sauce

If you want to eat seafood, they prefer to go here. This restaurant is right in front of the campus which you can access easily. You can find fried shrimps, fish, sauces and much more. Along with that, try the specialty of chef’s soup there which you will surely love during winters.

4. Two Guys and A Pizza Place

A man is slicing pizza

Find a great combination of Canadian and Italian cuisine at this place. The pizza taste is exceptional, and students love to visit there on a daily basis. For the pizza lover, this is a place which they should not miss.

5. Good Luck Pizza Mart (GL)

curly fries with sauce dip

For the students who love pizza, burgers, and fries, this is your ultimate stop. It is located in Rocky mountain plaza at a distance of around 3 minutes walk. There are Pizza, Grill, Shawarma & Halal, and a lot more to try. Go and grab your favorite food within the working hours of cafe.

6. Mocha Cabana

inside of cafe hall

You will be able to find a healthy fusion of Canadian food at this place. There is also a wine bar for the students to relax over the weekend. The food tastes great, and you can find burgers, fries, steaks, pasta, pizza and much more on the menu to order. Stay there as long as you want to enjoy the time.

7. Veg-In YYC

staff member holding burger

It is located in Rocky Mountain Plaza which is at a distance of 3 minutes walk from the main campus. Also, it is open all through Monday to Sunday. Students can enjoy Gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free options. If you are looking for some healthy meal, then give this place a try.

Explore new places near the university, so you do not have to stick one kind of food at all times. When you eat a variety, you get to know different ethnicities along with their cultures.


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