Restaurants & Cafes near or at Trent University

An aerial view of Trent University

Trent University is popular for providing great services to its students along with college cafes on campus. However, there are a lot of options for the restaurants near campus; students can visit there as well. It helps students in learning new cultures and gives an edge to their taste buds for new kind of food items.

1. The Cabin

Canadian burger with fries

If you want to try the Canadian fast food service, then this is the place you need to be. You can find delicious Canadian burgers, fries, pizza along with drinks. There are also desserts like ice cream and cakes for you to enjoy with your friends. Even if you are not hungry, you can go there to try the tasty desserts during the evening.

2. Gzowski Dining Hall

inside of Gzowski dining hall

The food at this place is delicious which is why a lot of students prefer to walk there from the campus. It is only two minutes away from the university so make sure to pay a visit. You can find amazing steaks, pasta, lasagna, and other items on the menu to try.

3. Square Plate

chicken roast with carrots in plate

If you want to dine and eat American food, then head out to Square Plates. There is excellent food serving which will fill your stomach for the day. So if you are tired during lunchtime and do not have classes ahead of the day make sure to visit this restaurant with your friends. You can order burgers, pasta, fries, rice, chicken roast and much more here.  

4. Two Dishes Cookshop

healthy vegetarian nachos serving

This restaurant is a great deal for the students who miss their homemade food. You will find the delicious taste of the recipes just like your mom makes. If you do not have classes during the day, then try the brunch which offers rice, chicken, beef chili and much more to try. There are also appetizers such as fries, nachos, fried shrimps for you to try.

5. Ashburnham Ale House

people buying food at cafe

The atmosphere at this restaurant is amazing and calming for the students to relax. After the long day of classes, you can go to this place and eat your favorite kind of food. Order burger, fries, drinks or any other combination to fill your stomach until the next morning.

6. Fresh Dreams

outside view of fresh dreams

Fresh Dreams offers you a variety of the Mediterranean and Spanish food. Find burritos, tacos, wraps, salads, pizza, burger and a lot other food items on the menu. You will love the variety that you will bring more friends to this place another time.

7. Hot Belly Mama’s

entrance of hot belly mama's

Find the amazing French cuisine at this place with a variety of other options. You can get French style pasta, fries, and pizza. There will be a difference in the kind of these food items are there from the traditional ones you find at other places.

Spend your time with your friends in the restaurant so that you can explore what they like to eat as well. Also, they share the same food likes and make memories. Once you are over the university, you will miss these moments so make them wisely.


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