Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY – Delhi

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY - Delhi

The State University of New York at Delhi is one of the technology colleges of the State University of New York system. The acceptance rate is about 3,000 people. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students at SUNY- Delhi.

1. Blue Bee Cafe

toast potatoes and an egg omlette

Blue Bee Cafe is a cafe that is open for lunch and breakfast. They do a number of different traditional breakfast food such as paninis ($9.95) and crepes($9.95). A few crowd favorites have been the homemade meatloaf and curried egg salad.

2. Signitures

food created by the students

Signitures is the fine dining restaurant that is for the hospitality students of the school. It is open to those who are looking to taste the delicious creations that the students have to offer. Pricing is on the higher side but quality more than makes up for it.

3. Cafe on the Green

pretzels with a cheese sauce

Cafe on the green is a tasty way to experience clean healthy ingredients and the menu is simplified to not be overly complicated. The pricing starts at $3 (for the chips and dip) and goes up to $11 for 10 piece chicken wings.

4. Tay Tea

a person pouring tea in a cup

Tay Tea is a tea house that allows customers to come in for a unmatched variety of different teas and sweets. They offer amber rock candy for $4-$5 that is meant to amp up the sweetness and flavor of tea. A few tea recommendations would be :Wild Woman, Saba, and Dream.

5. Cuginos

pasta sauce and noodles

Cuginos is a pizza shop that is a great place to go to for your comfort food needs. The sell a large variety of good besides just pizza. They sell soup, salad, Italian style pastas and so much more. The pricing ranges from around $2.25 (fries) to $20(everything pizza).

6. Latte Lounge

Examples of a dimly lit coffee lounge

Latte Lounge is a coffee joint that has a great selection of drinks for your energy needs. If you aren’t a coffee person they also have plenty of tea and hot chocolate. Pricing starts at $1.85 for a coffee. As for food they sell soup, pastries, salads and much more. Pricing for food starts at just $1(bagel).

7. Catskill Momos

the logo for catskill momos

This is a newer restaurant that sells Momos which are a South Asian dumpling . They also sell other Asian style food such as mochi ($3.50) and stir fry noodles($8.95). For those who are looking for a vegetarian/vegan option there is the Chickpea Momo and the Mushroom Tofu Momo.


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