Restaurants and Cafes for Students at East Tennessee State University

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University is one of the best public university located in Johnson City, Tennessee. This university was established in 1911 and it has rapidly grown to become a top-rated university in the United States. Here are the best restaurants and cafes students can get in the school.

1. Wellington’s Restaurant

The inner view of Wellington's Restaurant

The Wellington restaurant is a nice homey restaurant on campus that serves beverages, breakfast and lunch. Their meals are pear walnut salad. Angus burger, deviled eggs, filet and so many more. Students love to come here for the great study environment as well as the delicious food and drinks at good prices.

2. Cook-Out

This is the sample of food for breakfast

This is the best and cheapest eatery you can find around the East Tennessee State University’s campus. As such, they experience high patronage from students and staffs of the institution. There are very delicious and always served hot. $15 food is enough to get you satisfied.

3. Main Street Pizza

An image of pizza from Main Street Pizza

You get the taste of every bites in Main Street Pizza. Their pizza’s customization is perhaps the favorite option for everyone and there are also some phenomenal appetizers. They are situated in a quiet and serene environment. All their products are very affordable.

4. Italian Pizza Pub

An image of Italian Pizza Pub

They have Great pizza at a reasonable prices and sweet staff. Students have always testified to the fact that their Pizza has great seasoning and taste. They also have crust, cheese, toppings and sauce. This is a very good joint to take your lunch.

5. The Firehouse Restaurant

This is an image of The Firehouse Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of the university, as such, they experience very high patronage. Their foods are within the range of $15 – $40 depending on your specifics. The available menus at fadi’s fabulous foods include shawarma chicken, sliced pork, steak frites, sweet tea and Bacon and mixed vegetables for vegetarians.

6. Starbucks

A picture of a sweet ice-cream at Starbucks

They offer fast and friendly services. It is a well-known destination for students and it is situated very close to the ETSU’s campus. This Starbucks is small and quaint, but it offers the same food and drinks like a regular Starbucks, all at the same great prices.

7. Freiberg’s

An image showing the interior view of frieberg's

Their lunch menu is of great value and generous offerings that will not leave you lacking for taste. They have top-notch schnitzel and beer cheese and they sell them at a reasonable price (even better than others). Try Freiberg’s and see for yourself.


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