Restaurants and Cafes at or near MTSU

A night view of Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University is a big campus where you can find all sorts of food items. If you are in a worry of college cafes on campus, then know that there are immense options for you. You can also try the restaurants near campus, but first, these are worth trying.

1. McCallie Dining Hall

interior of dining hall

The location of this dining hall is in Corlew Hall of the campus. The menu of this place changes on a daily basis depending on what students wish to it. There are many options for breakfast such as pancakes and omelets along with burgers, pasta, and pizza for lunch time. Also, there are desserts variety like ice cream, pie, cookies, pastries and more. You can also opt out for the gluten-free and vegan diet if you wish to. The amazing variety is worth visiting once, and you will surely love it.

2. Raider Zone

staff of cafe serving different food platters

You can get breakfast and lunch meal plans at this café. There is a pizza station, desserts, grill items and much more to select from. The location of the café is in the Peck Hall of James Union Building. If you are passing through the hall, grab the bite and eat it before you reach to the class. You will love the taste because of the different ingredients which keep you active all day.

3. Restaurant Rotation

spicy fries serving

You will be able to find the new menu in this restaurant every day. The ingredients are authentic with a variety of dishes from South American to Latin. You can make a plate of your favorite things by yourself at this place along with trying the signature plate by the chef. There are steaks, burgers, fries, drinks and much more for you to explore here.

4. Far East Restaurant

thai cashew chicken in plate

It is an amazing restaurant to enjoy Asian, Thai and Chinese food. Find the best sushi, chili beef and much more on the menu. Along with that, you can order Manchurian and fried rice under the Chinese menu. So, make sure to try this restaurant if you never ate Asian food items.

5. Asian Express

Asian food servings

Asian express offers you a variety of meals like egg rolls, sushi, fried rice, and others. You will be able to find fresh and great taste of food which is like no other. Additionally, there are drinks of your choice which you can purchase to enjoy with the meal.

6. Brewed Awakenings

entrance of cafe

If you are someone who cannot live without coffee, then this is your place. Get the best tea, coffee, frappucino, cappuccino, and other beverages at this café. Alongside, you can also grab bagels with your favorite filling to keep yourself awake in the long lectures.

7. Happy Tomato

entrance of happy tomato

Want to have something quick, so you do not get late to class after the break? Well, this is a great place for you to try with a variety of wraps, salad, potatoes and much more. The healthy menu is there for you if you do not have enough time to have a full meal.

So, treat yourself well when you are studying at the university with the food you love. Try all the healthy option so that you stay fresh and active to perform well in your classes.


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