Restaurants and Cafes at or near LHU

An aerial view of Lock Haven University

The Lock Haven University does have a lot of college cafes on campus, but there are great choices of a restaurant near campus as well. You could walk to those restaurants quickly and enjoy the time with your friends if you tried everything on campus.

1. Nano Bites

sandwich serving for 2 in a plate

Nano Bites offers you sandwiches which you can customize according to your choice. You can also try other snacks and coffee of this café which you will surely love. The healthy sandwiches are a great bite to your day when you are getting late to class. You will feel light after eating the sandwich and would want to go there again. The location of this café is in the east side of the campus.

2. Robinson

mix salad platter

You can find this café at the Robinson Learning Center. There are many options to try such as sandwiches, soups, snacks, and salad. You can also get on the go sandwiches to eat in your class if you are getting late in the morning. Soups work best during winters so make sure to try it once, and you will love it.

3. Grille Works

food counter of cafe

If you are someone who loves fast food, then this is your place. You can find burgers, sandwiches, fries, drinks and much more. There are chicken and beef sandwiches for you to fill your stomach when you do not want to eat anything else. Grab your favorite drink along with it, so you do not feel hungry until night time.

4. Italian Pizza

Italian pizza serving

Get the brick oven pizzas at this place. There are a variety of pizzas to try such as chicken, BBQ, beef and much more. Also, you can get LaBreadis, strombolis, and calzones at this place. The freshly baked pizza is there for you at all times even if you are hungry in the middle of the night. Make sure to visit this place with your friends to enjoy and make memories.

5. Broken Axe Brew House

Crunchy cheese burger serving with fries

You can find pure American food along with pub here. The hamburgers are popular from this café, so if you did not eat anything since morning, this is a place which you should visit. You can walk to this café from the campus in less than two minutes.

6. Fox’s Market House Restaurant

3 steaks in a dish

This place offers a great sitting area for the students to have a great dining experience. Get the favorite combination of steak, drinks, burgers and much more here. It is one of the top places near the campus which students like to visit if they want heavy meals.

7. Dutch Haven Restaurant

dining hall of cafe

You can find a buffet at his restaurant during lunch and dinner time. There is an immense variety of food such as pasta, pizza, appetizers, desserts, steaks and much more. Usually, students visit there on Sunday because of the weekend so they can enjoy food and have a great time with their friends as well.

Enjoy your time at the university as it passes quickly. Make sure that you intake healthy food so you do not fall ill as it will be difficult for you to study and keep up with others in the class.


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