Restaurants and Cafes at or near College of DuPage

The walkway to a building at College of DuPage

The College of DuPage helps the students in exploring different places to have food. not only the college cafes on campus are there, but there are a lot of restaurants near campus as well. You can try any you like and have your favorite kind of meal every day. There are many places where you can enjoy with your friends and hang out with them over the weekend as well to stay relax and easy.

1. Fire + Wine

lasagna serving

You can find interesting food at this place along with a glass of wine. There is American and Italian food on the menu for you to pick your favorite food item. You can find pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more from the menu. The prices are reasonable, and most importantly you get to have a good time with your friends.

2. Ivy Restaurant

inside of Ivy Restaurant

A pure American restaurant for you to try when it’s the time of the long weekend. You can find special meals on the holiday season here. Get the best steak whether in chicken or meat along with the side dishes of fries or mash potatoes. You can also find nachos and other appetizers on the menu.

3. GIA MIA Pizza Bar

people enjoying at cafe

Craving for a good pizza? Walk a few steps over to this café, and you will get what you are looking for. The taste of pizza is exceptional at this café which you will surely love. So, pick your favorite type of pizza and crust to order. There is chicken, cheese, veggie, BBQ and other flavors of pizza which you can try.

4. Alfie’s Inn Incorporated

2 men and 1 woman enjoying at cafe

If you are missing out on the home food, then try this place. You can find perfect recipe of mashed potatoes along with chicken or beef. Along with that, there are beverages to try like cold coffee, margarita, pina colada and much more.

5. Egg Harbor Café

Food counter and sitting area of cafe

Finding a place to have a homemade type of breakfast? You can try this restaurant by walking a few steps from the campus. There are pancakes, omelets, bread, coffee and much more to try for the breakfast menu. Thus, you can kill your hunger completely after visiting this café.

6. Egg’lectic Café

interior of cafe and food counter

It is one of the popular places to have breakfast among the students. You can find delicious and full meal breakfast such as oatmeal with fruits, pancakes with Nutella, coffee, tea and much more. You will always feel happy after eating breakfast from this café because of the unique taste and environment.

7. Nothing Bundt Cakes

2 person cake serving in a plate

If you are missing out on delicious cakes, then prefer to go to this place once. You will be able to find tasty brownies, simple cakes, pastries, cream cakes, cheesecakes and much more. So, try the desserts, and you will fall in love with sweets all over again here.

Be consistent with having the right food when you are studying at the university. To keep the focus on the studies, you have to maintain healthy food habits. So, make sure that you visit various cafes to try new kinds of food.


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