Restaurants and Cafes at JSU

The main sign at the entrance of Jacksonville State University

If you are at Jacksonville State University, you will be treated with aromas and delicacies from the college cafes. Just a few yards away are restaurants around the campus where you get exciting meals at your budget. Since many of these restaurants near campus serves students mostly, their prices are reasonable. you will get different joints from simple cafes to high end restaurants and international chains. In this article, am going to show you some of the restaurants and cafes to check into while inside or around the campus.

1. Gamecock Diner

Gamecock Diner is a spacious dining joint

This cafe offers you unique dining experience at low costs. it features unique culinary sections with state-of-the-art technologies to produce superfood. There is plenty of foods such as corn nuggets, chili cheese dawgs, hush puppies, chicken fingers, and burgers just to mention a few.

2. The CAF

Students dining at The CAF

It features a large variety of fresh foods to satisfy everyone. Students love this place because not only is it strategically positioned but also cheap. The delicious and nutritious meals cost anything between $2- $20 and students can purchase without much strain. It is located within the reach of many students.

3. Baja Fresh

Mexican dishes at Baja fresh Restaurant

This is an ideal Mexican restaurant with Baja-inspired dishes such as burritos, tacos, taquitos, desserts, salads, and quesadillas. If you are a fan of big, delicious Mexican foods, this is the ultimate place to be. The staff is friendly and warm and the atmosphere feels great for students. The cheapest dish here costs $1.49 while the most expensive is just $8.99.

4. Jazzmans Cafe and Bakery

Jazzman's cafe is perfect for Breakfast

If there is any place you need to stop at every morning, then it is Jazzman’s cafe. In this cafe, you will whatever coffee and tea blend you want. these beverages are accompanied by freshly-baked items for breakfast.

5. Wow Cafe and Wingery

Inside the dining area at Wow Cafe and Wingery

Famous for it’s delicious wings and burgers, this is a nice place to hang out. This restaurant also offers chicken tenders, quesadillas, and salads to quench your appetite. If you want to go out with friends, check in at this restaurants and get the best chicken treat you have been hoping for.

6. Cecil’s Place

Cecil's Place has been in place since 1980

Lunch is not enough if you have not yet visited Cecil’s place. Located just 1.2 km from the university, there are awesome flavors that you don’t want to miss. Talk of burgers, fries, sandwiches, and milkshakes that everyone is talking about! Students love the freshness of the food and the manner it’s cooked. Perfect joint for lunch and dinner.

7. Grandpa Noodle Gallery

This joint is famous for Asian dishes

Just as the name suggests, grandpa has been doing a great job to offer noodles to students. In additions, this joint also offers a Asian food. The ambiance is great although the dishes are fairly expensive compare to other joints. Asian students are always here in plenty.

If you are looking forward to a great stay at or around Jacksonville, here are some of the places you should check in. they offer great foods and drinks and don’t be amazed how cheap they are. While these are just but a few, there are many more to stopover. The dining experience from these places is totally unmatched.


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