Restaurants and Cafes at IU Southeast

An aerial view of Indiana University Southeast

If there is a place full of dining life, it’s the Indiana University Southeast. You are assured of all types of quality foods and styles of your choice in the college cafes. As a student, you don’t have to feel the pinch of parting with a few dollars; Everything is cheap and available. The restaurants near campus are favorite spots for visitors and parents. Here are a few college cafes to dine in;

1. University Grounds Coffee Shop

The University Grounds Coffee Shop offers meal plans for students.

If you want splendid coffee drinks, then you need to visit the University Grounds Coffee Shop. You will be treated to well blended drinks, teas, espresso, snacks, smoothies, and bottled soft drinks. Students can purchase meal plans and get smooth supplies of dishes throughout the semester.

2. Commons Food Court

Inside the Commons Food Court

There are varieties of grab-and-go options available for students at the Commons Food Court. Get well cooked Panini sandwiches, salads, soup of the day, snacks and desserts. Since it’s a student-centered cafe, food and drinks sell at reasonable prices.

3. Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Types of foods offered at the Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Prices at this restaurant are favorable for students. With $8 you have a full lunch, soup and egg roll. It is a favorite for students of Asian origin especially the Chinese. Students love this place because it’s cheap and the staff are attentive and friendly. If you want to treat your friends with a meal, this is a nice place.

4. Fireside Bar and Grill

Outside the Fireside Bar and Grill

The Fireside Bar and Grill has a wonderful menu, cozy atmosphere, and dedicated staff. Students get home-cooked dishes at reasonable prices. For guests, there is a warm feeling that welcomes you to New Albany. There is also a warm environment for late night drinks

5. Mark’s Feed Store

Grilled Chicken Finger Salads at the Mark's Feed Store

This restaurants serves desserts, BBQ, pork, salads, and fish all in a casual vibe. With as low as $10, you have a full lunch of any kind of food. Many students love this place because of the amazing waitresses who serve tirelessly.

6. Coffee Crossing

You can use a CrimsonCard at the Coffee Crossing cafe

It’s all about creating an amazing coffee brewing experience and offering products at reasonable prices to students. It’s located just 400 yards away from the university and it’s a perfect breakfast spot. It doesn’t charge exorbitantly and students love it.

7. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

This restaurant is famous for Chicken Meals

If you want to eat a flavored chicken, this is the joint you get into. It has a reputation of preparing legendary chicken dishes that can rival any brand in the country. The prices are as famous as the chicken and students take turns in this restaurant. They offer Classic Chicken, Jumbo Dippers, and Breast Strips alongside other meals.

These eateries will offer you the most amazing meals, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In most cases, you have all what to eat without going to far away from the university. It’s breathtaking for students since the meals aren’t too expensive to purchase. Get into one of these joints and treat yourself fully.


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