Jobs for College Students at SUNY Fredonia

The clock tower at Maytum Hall at SUNY Fredonia

One of the bigger decisions that you will have to make as a student is if you want to get a job or not. This will allow you to have some extra money to do all the fun things that you want to do with your friends. Here are some great job opportunities for college students at SUNY Fredonia!

1. International Education Secretary 

The first campus job that is available to you is the International Education Secretary Position. You will go the basic office duties that a secretary job requires. You will also get paid a fair wage. Be sure to stop by the office of International education to get more information. 

An event for international students

2. Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections

Another interesting option that you have is to work as the Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections. You will be working in a smaller library that has tons of cool resources for you to have access to. This is a fairly hard job to get, so you need to apply as early as you can. 

Books within the archives

3. Dining Services Supervisor

A great way to continue in the food service industry is by being the Dining Services Supervisor. You will be in charge of a few employees and get paid a good amount of money. That being said, there are a lot of people who want this job. Be sure to keep that in mind. 

a popular place to eat

4. Mcdonalds worker

If you prefer to go off of campus, you should become a worker at McDonalds. You will not get paid a lot of money, but you should have some great opportunities to advance up the latter. You will also be able to work many more hours than if you got a traditional job for the school. 

A McDonalds sign

5. Recreation advisor

If you prefer to be on your feet and moving, you should apply for the Recreation Advisor position. This is a great job that involves you looking over gyms and basketball courts. This is a minimum wage job. However, you can choose to work anywhere from 10-20 hours every week. 

The university pool

6. Writing Assistant Professor

The final job available for you on campus is the Writing Assistant Professor job. You will help writing professors grade papers and teach students. This is a great way to gain some very professional experiences on the job. Be sure to keep that in mind when making a decision. 

A person writing

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

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