Restaurants & Cafes for Students at CU Boulder

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at CU Boulder

Many college students find that a good escape from their daily routines and university courses is trying out new restaurants and finding new cafes to work in. These places are excellent for spending time either with friends or away from them, all while you can grab a bite to eat. These eateries may even provide a new perspective on food both on and off campus. Below are some restaurants and cafes near University of Colorado (CU) – Boulder.

1. Rincon Argentino

An image of Rincon Argentino

At Rincon Argentino, the food is delicious and the staff is authentic and helpful. There are at least 12 different fillings for empanadas, and they are consistently delicious, crispy on the outside and juicy inside. They also have frozen trays of 6 empanadas available to bring home, and they cook up just as well as they’re made onsite. The empanadas are all different types: chicken, spicy chicken, steak, spicy steak, mushroom, caprese, etc. This casual eatery also has tables inside and out for people who want to eat there.

2. The Sink

An image of The Sink front entrance

The Sink is a cool hangout place with great pizza. All the eclectic art is so fun and inviting, and the pizza is beyond great. The service may get busy and lines can form out the door, but the food is certainly worth the wait. It is a great place for burgers, wings, and Bloody Mary’s in a fun atmosphere. It has been visited by Obama, Guy Fieri, and Robert Redford used to work there in the 50’s. The food and service are great and not inexpensive but worth visiting for sure.

3. Zolo Grill

An image of Zolo Grill exterior

At Zolo Grill, both the food and the service are spectacular. The restaurant’s chips and salsa are very good and the enchiladas are noteworthy. The food is both delicious and flavorful, while also inexpensive. The service, from the hostess to the wait staff, is fabulous. They are personable, prompt, and super friendly.

4. Doug’s Day Diner

An image of Doug's Day Diner exterior

At Doug’s Day Diner, the staff is consistently friendly, professional, efficient and always moving. The food is absolutely delicious, especially the crepes. The portions are huge so consider this when you are hungry and are thinking of adding some sides to your order. The atmosphere is downscale, much like a diner (tables and people enjoying breakfast or lunch), with photos of buffaloes in all weather on the walls. The burritos are excellent, especially if you order them “loaded” with guacamole, sour cream, and fresh salsa. The servers are always friendly and attentive and finally, the coffee is excellent.

5. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

An image of Dushanbe Teahouse patio

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is a unique as well as quaint creek-side relaxing retreat from the everydayness of even when living in beautiful Boulder, a place where enjoying a meal or just a cup of tea with friends, family or simply all by oneself can be transformed into a special experience right downtown Boulder. Dushanbe Teahouse exudes tranquility, inviting visitors to truly slow down and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere in the middle of busy Boulder. The tea selection is wonderful; coffee beverages and spirits are available as well. Menu offerings are beautifully prepared, fresh, and as local as possible. It’s well worth a visit.

6. Village Coffee Shop

An image of Village Coffee Shop interior

The Village Coffee Shop is a super fun, friendly and pretty small place, busy with a lot of action. The open kitchen makes the food preparation entertaining to watch and wait for your food. The restaurant serves good solid breakfast food with pretty huge portions, great value for a fun tasty breakfast in a sort of shabby environment.

7. Ado’s Kitchen & Bar

An image of Ado Salguero at Ado's Kitchen & Bar

Ado’s Kitchen & Bar is in a students’ neighborhood, a very simple place with good prices. The food and the dishes in this restaurant are superb; the dishes are high quality, fresh food, all prepared from the scratch with good ingredients. The cuisine is international, including some Italian dishes, some Asian, and some American. Two of their most famous dishes are the Shrimp Pasta and Chicken Marsala, which are definitely worth the try.

8. Flower Child

An image of Flower Child front entrance

Flower Child represents the epitome of freshness and health. The atmosphere is refreshing, vibrant and friendly. The staff is very helpful and friendly, ready to answer any questions you may have. Finally, the food is fresh and filled with flavor. The restaurant also has sides which can be purchased separately including roasted squash-yummy, spinach, and many other vegetables. Flower Child is definitely worth a visit.

These restaurants and cafes above are truly noteworthy and will be an excellent break to your on-campus routine. They are all definitely worth a visit if you attend UC Boulder or you happen to find yourself in town. These restaurants and cafes are affordable and delicious, providing enjoyable time off campus and a great break from your stressful college courses.


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