Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY Cortland

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY Cortland

The State University of New York College at Cortland is a coeducational college in Cortland, New York, United States . One of the more nortable alumni from the school has been actor and comedian Kevin James. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes to visit nearby.

1. Hollywood

a plate of spagetti

Hollywood is a bar and restaurant that was first built in 1940. The food is mostly Italian themed with items such as pizza and pasta. The pricing starts at $3.95 (for the toss garden salad) and goes up to $22.95 (for the Delmonico).

2. Whole Heart Cafe

a roasted eggplant panini

Whole Heart Cafe is located in the The Local Food Market and utilizes fresh locally grown ingredients in order to show its customers different uses for product. The cafe serves up make taste soup, salads, and sandwich options at an affordable price.

3. Coffee Mania

a look at coffee mania drivethrough

Coffee Mania is a locally roasted coffee shop that takes local and convenient and marries the two together. Students cannot always have the time to brew their own coffee or are often pressed on time. Coffee Mania has a drive through with affordable prices that makes getting your energy boost fast.

4. Red Dragon

garlic wings with celery

Red Dragon is a pizza place that is great for going out for a dinner or lunch with friends. Split the price of a whole pizza and its makes for a fast and easy option. If you are dining alone pizza slices start at just $2.00.

5. Pita Gourmet

rice and onion meat skewer

Pita Gourmet is a family owned American/ Mediterranean style restaurant. Pricing is moderate and start at $3.25(french fries) and goes up to $23.25(Large Fabulous Five). A few recommendations would be Grape Leaves with Meat and the Kibbie Pita Wrap.

6. The Deli Downtown

a rhuben sandwich with pickles

The Deli Downtown is a great joint to go into if you are fast and tasty lunch options. You can even enjoy the food from your own home with a $2 delivery charge. They have an assortment of different salads, sandwiches and soups. Pricing starts at $1.89(bagel) and goes up to $10.49 (the specialty sandwiches).

7. Frank & Mary’s Diner

an omolette and potatoes

This is an old school diner that has a charm that is more than just nostalgic feelings. You can be sure to come in for a hearty meal at any time of day that will be affordable as well. A few recommendations to try would be the Fruit Pie($2.89), Liver and Onions($8.29) and Garbage Omelette($7.10).


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