Restaurants and Cafes For Students at Indiana University-South Bend

Restaurants and Cafes For Students at Indiana University-South Bend

Indiana University-South Bend is one of the largest public university located in the heart of South Bend, Indiana, United States. They have lots of Restaurants and Cafes that offer the best set of foods and drinks to students. They offer nutritious meals and snacks to satisfy every palate. Highlighted below are the best set of restaurants and cafes you can find in Indiana University South Bend.

1. University Grill

An Image of food at the university grill

The University Grill is located in the Administration Building on campus. It features grill items, pizza, soft pretzels, chef’s tables, salad bar, made fresh daily items, homemade soup, and simply-to-go items at lunch. You can patronize them if you’re looking for a full hot breakfast. They also offer hot breakfast sandwiches, waffles, omelet bar, and oatmeal every morning at breakfast.

2. Rohr’s Notre Dame

An image of irish puff at Rohr's Notre Dame

This is one of the restaurants that student and staffs of Indiana University South Bend patronizes so much. They have different types of menus that their customers can choose from. One unique thing about them is that they offer 24 hours service. They have provisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. BarBici

An Image showing the front view of BarBici

If you really love salad and pasta served with flatbread, then this is the best restaurant for you. They serve all their foods hot and they always make sure that customers are always attended to on time. There foods are very affordable for students and staffs alike.

4. Chicory Café

The picture of Chicory Café's notice board

This is the best place for students to take their breakfast. They have brunch, live salad, jambalaya, sandwiches, bread and pasta .Chicory Café is very progressive and they are most willing to address their patron’s needs. You can also try this café with an order of beignets.

5. The Northside Express

A picture of sandwiches at The Northside Express

The Northside Express is located in Northside Hall near the main Auditorium. This location is perfect for consumers who want to eat on the go! Grab sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Pair these with bottled beverages, and both sweet and salty snacks.

6. McAlister’s Deli

An image of McAlister's Deli

The McAlister’s Deli is the best place to go with your girlfriends so that everyone can share a bit of everything. Okay, it’s actually so you can all get an order of dates without it looking weird. Most of their foods are tasty, delicious, nutritious and affordable. You can eat to your satisfaction with as low as $10.

7. Courtside Café

An image of snacks at Courtside Café

Located in the Student Activities Center, this location offers guests an inviting atmosphere with fresh subs, wraps, and flatbread sandwiches, made fresh daily soup, French bread pizza, made to order salads, and snacks.


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