Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Exeter

Dining in the halls of University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a public research university in Exeter, Devon, South West England, United Kingdom. The school has a total enrollment of about 22,000 students. Here are some nearby restaurants and cafes to check out.

1. Costa Coffee

a fancy coffee bean latte

This is a fast and convenient way to get fueled before your next class. Due to it being on campus this will sure to make getting something in your stomach easy. The cost is mid range and they sell quick sandwiches and snacks as well.

2. Boston Tea Party

hot sauce bottle and avocado

Boston Tea Party is a funk and hip cafe to go to if you are craving to eat food that tastes just as good as it looks (for pictures). The cafe specializes in more brunch type food and even has a great kids menu as well . Pricing starts at £2.35 ( two rounds of toast) to the heaping plate called The Boss( £11.25 ).

3. Caffè Nero

the outside store front

Caffè Nero serves light Italian style dishes and sells plenty of fueling coffee to give you the buzz you need. Their pricing is fairly moderate and their variety of pastries are out of this world. A few suggestions to purchase are:chocolate twist and berry compote with yogurt & granola.

4. Mulberry Tree Cafe

serving up salad for catering

Mulberry Tree Cafe has a simple but tasty menu that will sure to be your new favorite. They unique tastes/twists on classics like the tomato, cheddar and Chutney Panini. The pricing starts at £3.45 (tuna mango sandwich) to £3.95 (ham and cheddar panini).

5. The Olive Tree Restaurant

inside dining area with flowers and glassware

The Olive Tree Restaurant is situated inside of a lavish hotel of Queenscourt, this makes for a great place to go to for booking travel (for your visiting relatives/friends) or even event space. The restaurant is on the higher end side, they serve French /Meditterranean style food that starts at £4.95(soup of the day), upwards to £16.95(Char Grilled Sirloin).

6. Tea on the Green

cream tea with biscuits

Tea on the Green prides itself in using locally sourced foods to bring out the flavors of the people and their handiwork. The pricing is medium to higher but is made up for in fresh local ingredients. A few recommendations to try is: Poached Eggs on Toast (£5) and House Rarebit(£8.25).

7. The Conservatory

three course with dessert and main/salad

The Conservatory is a great place to go to if you are looking for your next lunch or snacking plans. They serve tea with coupled sweets ( £3.50 ) , Duck Fat Parmentier Potatoes (£2.50 ) and even serve Wholemeal Bread with Rosemary (£1.50 ).


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