How Does OneClass Differ from Other Online Academic Platforms?

Are you deciding which online platform is the best way to improve your grades? Choose the best solution by reviewing this side-by-side comparison chart.

comparing note taking platforms OneClass

Being a student is tough. Luckily, there are online tools to help you get better grades by providing shared resources, class notes, study guides, and more.

However, deciding which platform is right for you can be challenging, and it’s certainly counterintuitive that resources designed to make your life easier would require that you begin by wading through the details.

To help, we did the work for you to compare the services provided by five popular academic platforms.

What Are the Differences in Online Academic Platforms?

As a part of our analysis, we compiled information about each platform, including features, options, costs for subscribers, benefits for contributors, and more.

In particular, we broke out sections with information for note takers and information for note buyers. After all, those two categories of users would most likely have different priorities. Whereas note buyers might be thinking about the value they’re getting from each platform, note takers may be more interested in how much they can earn. The combination of the two perspectives contributes to the overall vitality of an academic platform.

Review the chart below to see the point-by-point comparison and understand which online tool will help you succeed in college.

download printable PDF comparison chart of five popular academic platforms

Do you want to take a closer look at the chart or save it for future reference? We’ve created a version that’s formatted as a PDF.

Download the FREE, printable PDF comparison chart of five popular academic platforms

Exploring How Each Platform Can Help Your Grades

While the above chart provides a helpful side-by-side comparison, we know that there’s sometimes a more nuanced answer than a simple yes or no. Therefore, we took a closer look at each of the platforms to provide more context beyond this chart.

In these four in-depth articles, you can learn more about each platform’s tools, including class notes, study guides, online solutions, textbooks, and flashcards, Additionally, for those who aren’t seeking a specific resource but just want better grades using whatever it takes, the articles will explain the platforms’ potential academic impact.

Learn more by reading these additional comparisons:

OneClass vs. StudySoup: In the article, we explain the similarities and differences between the platforms’ available resources. Notably, subscribers to StudySoup can only download a limited number of documents each month, and note takers are responsible for promoting shared materials.

OneClass vs. Chegg: This comparison article explains Chegg’s beginnings as a textbook provider, as well as how its online study tools stack up against OneClass. In particular, we explore the difference between OneClass’ shared documents that are specific to your class at your college, and Chegg’s generic subject resources.

OneClass vs. StudyBlue: In this comparison, we look at the different tools offered by the two platforms, their potential impact on your grades, and what each costs. Notably, we share some insights into how useful StudyBlue is based on your major.

OneClass vs. Course Hero: While these two note-taking platforms have similarities, the comparison article walks through an explanation of how the platforms differ. In particular, students looking for a side gig won’t earn cash from uploading their notes with Course Hero.

Your grades are important, and choosing the right academic platform can help you study more efficiently and fast track your way to academic success.

Learn more about OneClass and learn about how it can help you get better grades.

*As of November 2018

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