Restaurants and Cafes for Students at NAU

The sunset at Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is a public higher-research university with the main campus at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona. The school has around 25,000 students. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes nearby.

1. Jamba Juice

three different types of juices

Jamba Juice is the go to place when it comes to getting a healthy and fueling juice smoothie and other light eats so you don’t feel slowed down. This is conveniently on campus and serves food such as wraps or flatbreads. The pricing is moderate.

2. Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery

the cafe with containers of coffee

This cafe & bakery is on the campus located at the college of business. They offer a variety of coffee and specialty beverages as well as grab and go salads and sandwiches. The pricing is moderate and makes for a great breakfast and lunch option.

3. Tourist Home All Day Cafe

the bakery case with sweets

This cafe is a great one stop shop for delicious eats. They serve 
fresh pastries, soups, salads, coffee & beer(drink responsibly). Food starts at $8(granola berries and yogurt) to $14( Pastromi sandwich). A few crowd favorites have been the Flag Cheesesteak and fish tacos.

4. Green Scene Cafe

the outside of the green scene

Green Scene Cafe is located on campus and is meant for those students who are looking to be a bit more health conscious and sustainable with their diet. The pricing is moderate but mostly is taken off meal plans and they feature food such as veggie quinoa wrap or create your own salad.

5. Lumberyard Brewing Co

the inside of the brewing company

If you are looking for a hip place to bring your parents or friends to celebrate with try this brewery. They have a great patio as well as fire pit and plenty of local beer. The food is moderately priced and a few crowd favorites have been the crunchy shrimp po’boy or the Santa Fe Burger.

6. Galaxy Diner

the outside of the galaxy diner

Galaxy diner brings back 50’s nostalgia from your parents/grandparents and gives it to you in the form of a cute and retro restaurant. The food starts at just $1.99(toast English muffin or biscuit) to $10.99(New York Steak with eggs).

7. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

a thin crust pizza

If you have ever tried a Chicago style pizza pie well you are in for a treat! This bistro recreates those as well as plenty of other pizza/pasta/sandwiches and so much more. Pricing is moderate and a few crowd favorites are the Gotch’yo nachos and Tree Hugger Skillet.

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