Health and Wellness Services at Drexel University

The campus at Drexel University.

Drexel University is a private research university with its main campus located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The institution offers a wide array of health and wellness resources to its student population of over 16,000 undergraduates. Among these are various resources related to physical, mental, and reproductive health. Here are five health and wellness resources available to students at Drexel University that all current and prospective students should know about.

1. Drexel University Student Health Center

The Drexel University Student Health Center is staffed with faculty physicians and nurse practitioners from the Drexel University College of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine. Here, students have access to a variety of health services in a confidential environment. Resources offered here include but are not limited to: allergy shots or immunizations, treatment for women’s health issues, sports medicine, sick visits, women’s health care (well-woman care, PAP smears, birth control and pregnancy testing), physical exams for co-op, driver’s license, and study abroad; confidential STD testing, allergy shots, travel and routine immunizations, tuberculosis screening, refills of ADHD medications, and free condoms.

A woman holding a pregnancy test.

2. Women’s Care Center (WCC)

Drexel students may access the Women’s Care Center (WCC) on the Center City campus, which provides comprehensive family planning (contraception, STD screening and treatment and counseling) and gynecologic and obstetric services. Medical visits are by appointment. Customized visit types, such as initial non-medical for contraception and contraceptive supply, are also available to Drexel students.

Tools used for a pap smear.

3. Emergency Care

Students who require immediate medical attention in times of emergency should call 911 or visit to an Emergency Room as soon as possible, so that they may receive proper treatment for any traumatic injuries or serious signs and symptoms of disease that they may have incurred. The cost for care of non-emergencies treated in an Emergency Room may not be covered by insurance.

An ambulance used for emergency transportation.

4. Counseling Services

Students at Drexel University may take advantage of Counseling Services offered by the Counseling Center at Drexel, whether it be individual counseling, group counseling, or couples counseling. Outreach programs and workshops, self-help resources, consultations and referrals, and online student support and part-time student support are also resources that are available here to students in need of enhancing the way that they deal with their mental health. Students may experiment with different programs offered and then choose to stick with the program or assortment of programs that benefits them most. Students unsure about whether they have a mental condition can take a screening. Peer counseling is also available.

A student speaking to a counselor.

5. Allergy Injections

In order to be consistent with current American Association of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) recommendations and guidelines for Allergy Immunotherapy, the Drexel University Student Health Center has revised its policies and procedures for the Drexel Student Health Allergy Clinic. Now, all new and returning Allergy Immunotherapy patients must review and complete an Allergy Patient Consent Packet before being eligigble to receive allergy shots at the Health Center. Students’ referring Allergist must review and complete the Allergy Immunotherapy Consent for Administration Packet, which must be submitted to the Drexel University Student Health Center before any medical appointments can be scheduled.

A woman experiencing intense allergies.

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