Health and Wellness Service at the UMaine

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The University of Maine focuses on the health of the students along with wellness. It provides a combination of health and wellness services to the students for free. Beside their coursework, they can take good care of themselves by going to the wellness center. It helps them in nourishing their bodies with multiple activities. Regular checkups are there for the students within the health center to keep a check on their overall condition.

1. Health Centre

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There are comprehensive health services for the students to utilize when they are on campus. The health care center is open till 5 pm. Students have to take appointments for the regular checkups or lab testing. The lab test will cost additional other than that there are no charges. There are physical exams and care for acute/chronic diseases. Additionally, there are women’s health services to assist them with their issues.

2. Individual drug and alcohol counseling center

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This center provides help for the students who are into the drug and alcohol habits mistakenly. If you want to get rid of these bad habits, then this is the center for you. Get back to focus on your students and healthy lifestyle through the support of professionals here. They conduct sessions with you to guide you with making the right choices. The trained professionals also help you in interacting with the social circle which is best for you.

3. Peer Wellness Coaching Center

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If you want to discuss your health issues physically or mentally, you can do it through this center. The practitioners are there to help you through full support and motivation. They make sure to identify the health goals for you to follow diligently. Therefore, to get full empowerment on yourself, you should opt out for the peer wellness center immediately. You can achieve goals and reach towards the success with no time in the right direction of this center.

4. Bystander Intervention Network Centre

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Anyone can be a part of this center who needs to have one on one interaction with the professionals. It guides you on how to deal with the unexpected situations in life and deal with them wisely. If you wish to attend the group meetings, then make sure to know the dates. Book the appointment with them and take notes. Whereas, you also have the option to have a personal conversation with the professional upon appointment.

5. Campus recreation center

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The recreation center offers a variety of activities for the students after their classes. It is open all the time for the faculty, staff, and students. You can utilize the aquatic programs, group fitness, outdoor adventures and much more through this center. In short, if you wish to stay interactive and busy besides the studies, then this is the best center to contact.


When you are studying, health and wellness services help you to get relax. So before you think of anything else, contact them at 207.581.1865. They will help you set up the appointment and start fun within the university.

Take care of your health while studying through the wellness centers, so you do not get lost in the world of stress. Get relief from the tensions by taking part in healthy activities.

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