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One of the largest issues that you will have to deal with while at school is your physical and mental health. Depending on what school you go to, you should have access to some health resources to help you get through your education. Ball State University makes it a priority to ensure that you are mentally and physically healthy and happy while at school. Here are five health and wellness services at Ball State University!

1. Student Health Center

The main resource that you have access to as a student is the Student Health Center. This is a location on campus that has actual doctors on hand just about every single day. If you come down with an illness, this is the first place that you should go. This allows you to get the help you need without having to actually leave campus. There are also tons of different resources and events that are sponsored by this center on campus. 

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2. Child Study Center

A different type of health and wellness offered at Ball State is the Child Study Center. This is partially a research center that focuses on the health of children. The other part of this area is dedicated to actually helping children in the area. If you are a student that is also a parent, this is where you can bring your kids to get medical help. There are even some child care services that are occasionally offered through this building. 

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3. Counseling Center

One of the most popular resources that you have access to as a student is the Counseling Center. As the name suggests, this is where you can go to professional help for your mental health. In fact, as a student, you have access to 16 free counseling sessions every single year. This ensures that you get the necessary help to stay yourself while away at school and maintain the necessary information and skills to be mentally sound. 

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4. Ball Memorial Hospital

The Ball Memorial Hospital is the main place for emergency and serious medical help. This is a fully functioning hospital that borders campus. These services are within easy walking distance from main campus. This is actually a hospital that is run by Indiana University and co-sponsored by Ball State. If there is any sort of emergency on or off campus, this is the place that can help. 

 ball memorial hospital

5. Nutrition and Health Science Building

The Nutrition and Health Science Building is the final great health and wellness service that students have access to. Although this is mainly an educational building that houses classes, you can still go here to get some professional help. There are tons of professors and other professionals that are here to help you get through school. This is often times a resource that goes unnoticed with students. 

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