10 Coolest Classes at CU Boulder

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College is the time for you to explore and see what you might want to do with your future. The perfect way to do this is by taking a wide range of classes that interest you so you get a little taste of everything. Take some cool and interesting classes to spend your exploration time wisely. The following classes are some of the coolest classes offered at CU Boulder, read more to find what they’re about.

1. CMDP 3600 – Creative Media Making

media and how it connects people

Media has become a increasingly large part of our lives within the last few decades on our reliance on it isn’t going to stop any time soon. In this class, students will gain an understanding of the principles, forms, and aesthetics of media. Students will work on small-scale media preproduction in small groups as well as productions exercises, screenings, and critiques.

2. ANTH 3000 – Primate Behavior

two monkeys grooming

Who doesn’t want to learn about monkeys? In this class, you’ll learn about the social behavior, ecology, and evolution of primates. The coolest part is you’ll see how all of these factors can help scientists understand human behavior.

3. COMM 3210 – Human Communication Theory

two people communicating with each other

Communication is such a big part of our lives, we can’t do anything without communicating with one another. Students who take this class with learn about the general, thematic, and contextual theories of human communication. In addition, they’ll use their new-found knowledge to evaluate these theories.

4. ARTS 1212 – Painting for Non-Majors

an art studio

If you enjoy painting but aren’t an art major or just want to boost your GPA a little bit, take Painting for Non-Majors. Students will improve their painting and artistic skills by learning new painting techniques. Students will also be introduced to concepts that will help them understand painting and the creative process associated with it.

5. CSCI 3202 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

a 3d humanoid robot with AI text

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more important in the technology world. In this class, students will learn artificial intelligence techniques such as searching, representation and reasoning, probabilistic interference, machine learning, and natural language processing. The coolest part? You’ll start to lean how to program artificial intelligence!

6. BAIM 4065 – Leadership in a Digital Age

a man shaking hands with a digital hand

Technology and social media are increasingly influencing human lives ever since they’ve been created. Students will learn the skills they need to identify business opportunities, find appropriate information, and be innovative. Taking this class with help students become leaders who are able to adopt new approaches to leadership and different behaviors.


7. ANTH 2200 – The Archaeology of Human History

an archaeologist at a dig site

Have you ever been curious about where humans really come from? Take this class to find out. It will introduce students to archaeology and they’ll discover the evidence for events in human history over the last 2.5 million years.

8. ENGL 1191 – Introduction to Creative Writing

cartoon character Spongebob writing an essay

Creative Writing is a good way to express yourself. This class allows students to improve their writing by learning about different fiction and poetry techniques. Their work will be closely looked at by the instructor and may be discussed with other students for constructive criticism.

9. CLAS 1051 – The World of Ancient Greeks

a Greek tourist site

Ancient Greece is always an interesting topic to learn about. Thankfully, you don’t need to know Greek or Latin to take this class. Students will learn about the emergence, accomplishments, failures, and decline of the ancient Greeks through the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Age (2000- 30 B.C.).

10. LATN 1014 – Beginning Latin I

some Latin text

Although the previous class doesn’t require you to know Latin, learning Latin is pretty cool. This class is designed for students who have no previous knowledge so it’s a good place to start. Students will learn basic Latin grammar and vocabulary.


Taking classes you enjoy will not only enhance your college experience but students also tend to do better in classes that they actually like. Branch out of your major and take a class that interests you.


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