Top 10 Majors Offered at UNK

An aerial view of University of Nebraska - Kearney Cultural Day

Founded in 1903, the University of Nebraska – Kearney is spread over a whopping 515 acres of land. The 2018-19 edition of Best Schools in Regional Midwest ranked the UNK at 53, which purely reflects the significance of this institution in identifying, unleashing and fostering the creativity hidden within the students. Every year, the UNK offers lots of majors and some of the most popular programs are as follows:

1. Business Administration Comprehensive

Alumni Lecture at university of nebraska - kearney

The University of Nebraska – Kearney offers a highly competitive business administration program with majors in Accounting. The Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)from UNK secures placements at the best firms across the globe.

2. Advertising & Public Relations (B.A)

University of Nebraska - Kearney Media and Communications Lab

For the students seeking a career in communication-oriented fields including Communications Director, Media Manager and etc, the UNK is offering bachelors in Advertising & PR studies. This degree aims to develop a sense of understanding the role and effect of public relations.

3. Applied Computer Science (B.S)

Students during demonstration of Applied Computer Science project at University of Nebraska - Kearney

Students majoring in the field of Applied Computer Sciences are prone to be given real-world problems. For example, they will have to devise technological solutions. That’s the reason why the Software Engineers from UNK are so famous in Silicon Valley.

4. Criminal Justice (B.A)

Crime Scene mockup at University of Nebraska

As the name may reflect, the students who want to build their career as the key personnel in the justice system, the Criminal Justice majors is for them. The graduates have secured prominent places in the police department as a parole officer, special agent, and the state police officer.

5. English – Writing Emphasis (B.A)

Students during a brainstorming session at University of Nebraska - Kearney

For those who value culture, literature, and linguistics, the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers consolidated English Writing majors. Students are taught contemporary culture, evolutionary phases of the English language along with the craft of writing.

6. International Studies (B.A)

University of Nebraska International Studies Majors

As an interdisciplinary program, the International Studies majors comprise a list of such courses which enables the students to understand and comprehend the international relations among several nations. To become a Diplomat or a High Commissioner, enrol in this program.

7. Mathematics (B.S)

teacher in front of a mathematical graph relate to probability

In-depth knowledge of Linear Algebra, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, and Graph Theory is imparted to the students. The Mathematics department has prominent scientists and researchers who bridge the gap between the practice and discourse.

8. Music, Theater & Dance (B.A)

University of Nebraska Kearney Music Class

Yet another interesting major which equips the students with the necessary knowledge of humanities, gender studies with lessons in the music of their own choice. It’s a program where you will be able to carve your inner abilities. You can excel in expressing yourself as an artist.

9. Public Administration (B.S)

University of Nebraska Kearney Public Administration Majors

The University of Nebraska – Kearney is also offering majors in Public Administration. Students who join this course are often imbued with the sole aim of public service and community development which further leads to securing placements at key positions.

10. Molecular Biology (B.S)

University of Nebraska Molecular Biology Majors Students in Laboratory

The majors in Molecular Biology at UNK copes up with the needs of the modern challenges. Students learn about the most intricate functionality of DNA, RNA and several other proteins. They can secure jobs such as Biotechnologists, Genetic Engineers, Forensic Scientists and other job roles associated with this field.

The University of Nebraska – Kearney enjoys a commendable position when it comes to nurturing and grooming the intellect of the students. An amazing cultural environment blended with a world-class educational setup, studying in UNK is absolutely worth it.  

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