Top 10 Majors Offered at Illinois State University

An aerial view of Illinois State University

Illinois State University (ISU) is a public university in Normal, Illinois. ISU was established in 1857 and is the oldest public university in Illinois. Among public school, ISU has one of the highest numbers of programs.  This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Illinois State University.

1.    Accounting (B.S. & M.S.)

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The accounting department of Illinois State University has a reputation in the U.S. for graduating excellent accountants. The accounting program at ISU is structured to prepare students for careers in professional accounting, it also meets the requirements for students who want to sit for the CPA examination.

2.    Business Information Systems (B.S.)

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Business information system is one of the fastest growing majors at ISU. The program focuses on how to use programming software to solve problems in businesses. This program offers students the opportunity of working in a variety of fields.

3.    Communication Studies (B.A & M.A.)

Communication: An illustration for corporate discussion

At Illinois State University, students are not only taught processes of communication but how they can be used to manage organizations to increase productivity. Students who major in communications can pursue careers in community relations, executive management, convention planning, and corporate communication.

4.    Criminal Justice and Safety Studies (B.A. & M.A.)

Specialists in criminology carrying out investigations

To become an expert in criminal justice and safety studies, you would need to be able to think critically about the justice system, law, and crime, and the programs at Illinois State University offers the chance to learn all these.

5.    Economics (B.A. & M.A. / M.S.)

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Illinois State University offers some of the best economics programs in the United States. The programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the twenty-first-scentury world economy. The school also offers graduate programs in applied economics.

6.    Elementary Education (BSE)

Pupils in an elementary class raising their hands

Illinois State University ranked among the top ten producers of teachers in the United States. The elementary education program is the standout undergraduate program offered at Illinois State University. The elementary education program of the school grants students a professional educator’s license to teach grades 1 – 6.

7.    Liberal Arts and Humanities (B.A.)

The value of Liberal arts and humanities

Illinois State University offers standard programs in liberal arts and humanities. The school has excellent courses, teaching students the foundation of liberal learning and the essential understanding of the world and its people.

8.    Marketing (B.A.)

Strategies for a successful marketing

Marketing is one major in high demand at Illinois State University. The program also takes on an interdisciplinary approach, teaching students all aspects of marketing communication including, advertising, sale promotion, public relation, and marketing.

9.    Nursing (BSN, MSN)

A nurse administering an injection to a patient

Illinois State University offers the finest nursing program in Illinois. The school has a reputation for training excellent nurses. The school also focuses on research and innovation in the field of nursing.

10. Special Education and Teaching (B.A., M.A., & Ph.D.)

A class with special children

The special education and teaching programs of ISU is hailed as one of the best in the United States. Students who complete these program receive certifications in learning and behavior, deaf and hard of hearing, and low vision and blindness.

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