10 Library Resources at University of North Texas

University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a university located in Denton, Texas. At this university all your endeavors are pursuable. Students together with the faculty engage themselves in creative and innovative research that will often bear fruits. There is no better place to get ideas and research material than in the library. The university libraries have modern resources to facilitate all your research needs. Below are the top 10 library resources at the University of North Texas.

1. Course Reserves

Student reserving courses at the library

This first resource enables students to access items that have been brought by faculty members regarding their courses. The items are usually limited and therefore always create a high demand. They are placed at the reserve desk or made available online.

2. Computing

Computers arranged in the library for students use

The second resource is technology and computing. The library provides students with computers for accessing the web and doing their research and assignments. They are connected to the university Internet.

3. Printing, Scanning, Photocopies

A student scanning a page of a book

The libraries provide students with a number of copiers, scanners and printers that are distributed throughout the library. Students are required to pay small charges for printing and copying. The pay to print principle is employed.

4. Laptops for Checkout

A laptop on a desk displaying a blue screen

The fourth resource is laptops for checkout. Students who don’t own personal computers can check put laptops and use them for a period of time before returning them on the due date. Available laptops for check out include MacBook’s and dell computers.

5. Citations & Styles

Word document illustrating citation method

The fifth resource is citations and styles. The library provides students with manuals and online links to assist them learn how to cite and use the different styles. It is an important skillset for students to learn in order to apply the citations in the correct way in their research and assignments.

6. Reserving a Group Study Room

A reserved study room awaiting student

The university understands the need to have rooms set aside for discussions and other engagements. Students at this university can book a room in advance for their discussions. The library has several of these rooms that have been scheduled purposely for group studies.

7. Library Instruction

A librarian instructing students

Library instructions include scheduled and specific instruction sessions for students on the dynamics of the library. These sessions enable the students to learn about the library and know how to navigate the various resources within.

8. Tutoring Services

One student rises her hand and asks question

This is a resource provided in partnership with the UNT Learning Center and the UNT Writing Center. It offers writing skills to students to enable them improve on their creativity and skill skills in academic writing. Students don’t require any appointment to attend.

9. Software Carpentry

An instructor teaching students using a presentation

Are you a fan of programming? The University of North Texas provides free hands on workshops that are open to all students, staff and faculty that wish to improve their skills in programming.

10. Interlibrary Loan Borrowing and Document Delivery

Librarian desk where students borrow and return books

Lastly, the Interlibrary Loan Borrowing and Document Delivery is a resource available to current students as well as the faculty and staff. Students can request for items that are not available in the UNT libraries from other external libraries. Students are required to have an ILLiad account to request and track the materials.

Top 5 Libraries at University of North Texas

1. Willis Library

The Willis Library building

The Willis Library is one of the UNT libraries. It is located on the library mall in Denton Campus. It contains collections for arts and sciences. It also has 24hr computing and a variety of study spaces. It is open 24 hours.

2. Eagle Commons Library

Front view of the Eagle Commons Library

The Eagle Commons Library is located on the first floor of the Sycamore Hall. It houses government documents as well as collections in geography, law and political science. It is open from 8am to 10pm during the weekdays.

3. Media Library

Front view of the Media Library

The Media Library is located in Chilton Hall. It houses audiovisual and non-print collections for the University of North Texas. It opens from 7:45am to 10pm during the weekdays.

4. The Discovery Park Library

The Discovery Park Library building

The Discovery Park Library provides library resources and services to the Colleges of Information and Engineering. It operates from 8:30am through to 6:30 during the weekdays.

5. The Music Library

Front view of The Music Library

The Music Library collects and preserves reference works, printed music and monographs among others. It also subscribes to electronic databases for research and streams music all in a bid to support the research needs of the College of Music.

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