Top 10 RCC Library Resources You Need to Know

Riverside Community College

Students who attend Riverside City College are bright, which means they’re enrolled in difficult classes on a frequent basis. In order to do well in these classes, many students go to the various university-affiliated libraries, for these locations are great places to schoolwork done. If you’re currently attending Riverside City College and looking for information regarding the multiple libraries on campus and the resources they offer students, then you should read through the following lists of libraries and library resources.

1. Movies & Audio

A library's movie and audio collection

If you need to watch a specific film for class, chances are you can find it in at least one of the libraries here. Just like with their books and references, the libraries affiliated with this school offer students expansive movie and audio collections.

2. Private Study Rooms

This is a private study room

Perhaps you need a private room to do a group assignment. If so, then you will most likely be able to book one for whenever you want at any of the libraries here. These rooms can for the most part be booked for multiple hours, but outside circumstances may cause this to not be the case sometimes.

3. Extensive Collections

Rows of bookshelves

What is a library if it’s not filled with books and references? It’s far from a library, of course. At this university’s library and all libraries affiliated with it, an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out, are what students can expect.

4. IT Services

A 'Help!' button on a keyboard

If you ever encounter a problem on your computer that you just can’t fix, these are the people you want to talk to. Surviving in college without computer access is next to impossible; luckily, the fine folks in the IT department are available at great hours to make sure you’re never without your machine.

5. Reliable Wifi

This is a wifi symbol

Are you looking for a place to study where the internet won’t cut out on you? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

6. Exceptional Librarians

This is a library staff

A reliable staff is essential in all businesses that employ the use of them, and nowhere is this truer than in a library. The librarians at this library know the ins and outs of everything contained within the building’s walls; therefore, you should never hesitate to ask one for assistance.

7. Copying & Printing Stations

These are copiers in a library

If your professor assigns a last minute reading that needs to be copied, what are you going to do? The best thing would be to visit a copy station at this library. Copying on your own becomes expensive fast, and therefore you need to take advantage of this free alternative.

8. Google Scholar

Graduation cap and diploma

Professors love Google Scholar, and many of them actually recommend the platform in their course outlines. If you know how to use the platform with some sophistication, you should show your peers!

9. Open Computers

This is an open computer lab

Don’t stress if you don’t have a computer with you; there are plenty of computers at any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Got a project that needs to be done on a computer but deleted after? You can complete anything here and it will not be saved!

10. Unisex Bathrooms

A public bathroom here

There are multiple unisex bathrooms and traditional bathrooms located in every one of the libraries on and around this university’s campus. Students of all genders are able to come here and confidently use the bathroom without fear or ridicule.

Libraries at Riverside City College

1. Salvatore G. Rotella Digital Library and Learning Resource Center

This is the front of the library

If you’ve been looking for a great place to study with friends and peers, look no further: this is the place you want to go to. Research and studying can be done here in a quiet setting, which means you’ll always get a ton of work done when you come here.

2. Riverside Public Library- Marcy Branch

This is inside the library's computer section

Sit down, relax, and enjoy a book or magazine in this spacious and newly renovated library. And if you need assistance with anything, there are always librarians close by, most of whom are friendly and very helpful.

3. Riverside County Law Library

This is the library's exterior

If you have a big paper due soon, then there’s a good chance you’ll need some time to study. And if you’re looking for the best place to study on campus, this is it! The resources at this library will help you succeed in ways you weren’t even aware of.

4. Riverside Public Library

This is the library's interior

This is an appealing library both inside and out, and many students make it a point to spend time here each day for a variety of purposes. If you’ve been looking for a quiet but casual place to study off-campus, this should be one of the buildings you consider.

5. SPC Jesus S Duran Eastside Library

These are the library's collections

This library’s expansive collections and offset study rooms are what make this building so popular. Students and faculty come here for a plurality of purposes each day, which means it’s likely you’ll see someone you know.
Now that you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, you have more information about the libraries affiliated with this school. Make good use of these libraries and all the resources within them, for doing so will put you on the path for academic success!

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