Top 10 Library Resources at the UNCG

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At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, students not only borrow research materials and books from their libraries. The majority of student learning experience occurs and develops at these quiet halls. So if want to maximize your growth as a student at this University, here are the Top 10 Library Resources you can use at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

1. Research Help for Students

The librarians at any libraries of the university provide a myriad of services for students including research guide (by subject), research tutorials, as well as citation guides.

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2. Borrow, Renew & Order Materials

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a clear Borrow and Renew Contract for all of its books. You can check their Loan periods at their library services online. Furthermore, students can now order materials at the library or online.

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3. Display Case Reservation

Do you want to publicize an event such as a special initiative? The Jackson library, in particular, has a number of display cases that are available for use by campus organizations and academic departments.

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4. Distance & Online Learning Guide

As an online or distant learning student, you have full access to all materials available on any library at the UNCG. You can also get online services such as Help with Research, Library Catalog as well as Library Online Tools. You could say that nearly everything the UNCG libraries have to offer are now made available virtually!

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5. Electronic Books

The UNCG libraries offer digital copies of all their research materials in the form of E-books. The best thing is that you don’t need things like Kindle, Nook, iPad or a smartphone to access these materials. You can read UNCG E-Books using the library computer or any of your personal computers!

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6. Tutorials

At UNCG libraries, you can ask for personal tutorials and assistance with your projects through any designated library faculty. Learning is much easier with a tutor around!


7. Digital Media Commons

At the lower level of the Jackson Library, you can find a dedicated space for UNCG students and staffs to create and refine their multimedia projects. Here are just some of the tools available: Digital Images, Digital Video, Digital Audio, Presentations, Web Pages, 3D Printing and many more!

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8. Wireless Access in the University Libraries

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the library? Then find it online! Get free wireless internet access across all UNCG libraries!

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9. Printing in the Libraries

Each UNCG student is given a free 75-page worth of standard print for one semester and then 40-page worth of print during the summer. Getting a hardbound material is a lot easier thanks to this privilege!

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10. General Use Computers and Software

UNCG libraries provide free general use of their computers for all UNCG students, faculty and staff. They also provide free internet access in their vicinity.

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Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1. Walter Clinton Jackson Library

The Jackson Library is the largest among the 5 libraries and contains the bulk of the UNCG collections including Audio Books, Digital Media, Theses and Dissertations, Government Information, etc. It is open 24-hours during the Weekdays and closes at 10 pm during the weekends.

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2. Harold Schiffman Music Library

The main purpose of the Harold Schiffman Music Library is to enhance and support the research, teaching and performing activities of UNCG by providing music information, resources and services to all of its residents. The library has 5 laptops, 4 iPads, 2 digital voice recorders, 4 camcorders, 2 microphones and 2 still cameras.

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3. Intercultural Resource Center

The Intercultural Resource Center is a place where all members of the UNCG community can share and build their experiences together. Its main purpose is to create an opportunity to make cross-cultural connections among all students.


4. Interior Architecture Library

The Interior Architecture Library, also known as IARc, was opened in 2009 and housed a collection of books, DVDs, periodicals and student design theses. Some of its more valuable collections include the illustrated guidebook of London indicating the history of its city, the Silver Jubilee Walkway.

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5. Teaching Resources Center

The Teaching Resources Center has served as a media center offering a large collection of picture books, young adult fiction, audiobooks, board books, kits, manipulatives, and DVDs. Its main purpose is to provide instructional materials and services to students and faculty alike.

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